Guess Who Came to Visit?


Sorry about the one photo teaser! Petes came into town on Friday and we’ve just been going, going ever since!  It was such a fun surprise. We didn’t know he was coming into town until Wednesday and we were thrilled. It was really warm on Friday and Saturday so we went to the beach. We’ve shared some of our favorite spots with him: We went and got tuna melts at Rose’s, layed out at Crystal Cove, walked the wedge, explored some of the neighborhoods on the peninsula, hit up fish tacos at Bear Flag, and tomorrow we’re going down to San Diego to hang out at the Del for a bit. We LOVE spending time with family, especially here at home!


The morning was so nice, we were able to stay in our swimsuits, a breeze came in the afternoon and it was good we brought our sweaters. Ryan was even able to get a run in. So nice having an extra set of hands at the beach. It was hot so Jude was interested in the water, that makes things a bit hard.

IMG_6539 IMG_6466

IMG_6445 IMG_6446




IMG_6371IMG_6346IMG_6329 IMG_6369

Thanks for hanging in there, two days of beach documentation! Always lots of pictures. My first real picture with me and my three boys. Sorry for the struggs no smile face. I had another shot but Finn’s eyes were closed, oh well! It still works.


IMG_6574IMG_6563Thanks for playing so hard with the boys on the beach! The boys have had so much fun with ‘Bompa Petes’ as Finn calls him!


4 responses

  1. oh wow! we had no idea he was headed your way. fun for you guys!! glad you had a night out together. what movie did you see? can’t wait to see more pictures!! post more soon!! love you guys. wish we were there with you!

  2. yyeeaaayyyyy! We are feeling a family drought big time right now…enjoy every minute! Love you guys and miss those cute little boys!

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