More Fun With ‘Bompa’ Petes

So this is going to be a big photo dump. We only get to see ‘Bompa Petes’ a few times a year so when we do I feel like I take a year worth of photos! Favorite part of the day: eating fish tacos at Bear Flag Fish Company. They hit the spot, after dinner we played the lobster claw game. We got really close to grabbing a lobster with that claw! The boys were really into as you can see. (Second pic)

IMG_6654-2-3Thank you Pete’s iphone! Not going to lie, I want an iphone. I’m ready to have a cell phone again, and I want a good one. Petes took some video on his phone tonight, good quality, and fast!

IMG_6606 IMG_6620 IMG_6612 IMG_6661

IMG_6693 IMG_6706 IMG_6709IMG_6675 IMG_6663

4 responses

  1. Dad had a wonderful time! So glad you could get to the ocean and get some more great pictures! Can’t wait to hear more about dad’s trip when he gets home tonight. Loved the videos he sent with the fishing pole. Love you all so much! Thanks for showing him such a good time. Love, Mom

    • haha! I remembered you weren’t a huge fan of tuna/fish tacos so I took him to Rose’s to get a tuna melt while he was here too. I remembered hearing how much you hated the smell when he opens those cans! Maybe tuna and fish are out of his system for a while.

  2. Tuna melts are good, but the smell is another story. Thanks for treating dad so well! He especially loved just playing with the boys. Once a kid always a kid! Wonderful trip! Love you all!

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