Our Visit To Hotel Del

IMG_6737This day trip was the highlight of the year so far! What a gorgeous day. Every time I visit Coronado I am amazed at just how beautiful it is. This has got to be the best beach in Southern California to run on. The beach is so firm, clean, and long. We were really ambitious Monday morning and planned to leave the apartment by 8:30. I’ve been having some late nights, and still waking up at least twice every night to feed Royal so being out the door so early definitely was ambitious. Thankfully we had Grandpa Petes around! Thanks for making the boys eggs for me. I woke up and Petes was all showered, ready, feeding my boys breakfast, amazing! We were at the Del by 10:30! It was fantastic. I was expecting it to be cold, but it was lovely. We walked on the beach, ate lunch on the patio at the Del… I will remember that forever. Jude cooperated at the restaurant (If you’ve eaten with Jude you know that many times that’s just impossible!) We were even able to get him a great gluten free lunch. Grilled chicken, veggies, and fresh fruit. I can do this gluten free thing! So happy. Ryan and I shared our lunches, he had a crab sandwich with avocado and I had a gourmet grilled cheese with aged white cheddar, brie and pesto paired with THE most amazing tomato soup I’ve ever had. Sorry to go on and on, but what a special treat for me!




I love looking at all the flowers, and succulents planted along the grounds. Petes had been down to the Del multiple times before… but he still was soaking everything.

IMG_6726Way to go go Petes, that thing is a beast to push in the sand. It’s nice to be able to put the boys ‘in their house’ as I call it – when they start getting tired.


Can you believe that the Del was built in 1888. It’s a historical landmark  now as well as a hotel. Lelers, I know you and Nate are thinking about getting away – I think you guys should come stay at the Del! We’ll drive down and say hello to you! I know how much you love San Diego!

IMG_6713IMG_6722Thanks for sparing Petes for a few days Grandma Cindy! We had a great time. We’re looking forward to having you out here too in a few months! You’ve done a good job with that one Cindy, he did my dishes like three times! For having family in town, I feel surprisingly relaxed, Thanks Petes – great timing too – we are expecting some news about Jude today. We’re happy-Jude is really happy, with all this rice chex cereal around! When we got home from San Diego he was excited to wear his Sherrif Woody shirt and eat Chex.


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  1. Oh, San Diego!!!! I love it!!! I’m so happy you had such a fun day trip. Looks perfect!! Lunch sounds amazing. Crab sandwich with avacado!! And your grilled cheese….delish!!!! When I’m done commenting, I’m looking up info on the hotel. That would be sweet!! And it’s not hard to talk Nate into a trip to Cali…my husband was meant to be in California! He loves it! We may have to move there someday…

    I miss you guys so much. So sorry I didn’t call last Friday. I want to call you when I have time to talk…so…I’ll try tomorrow afternoon! Can’t wait to catch up. xo. So glad you had such a nice time!

  2. Thanks for having me! I enjoyed seeing everyone, even if it was a very short visit. Of course I know how to do dishes. As I have said many times, it takes a lifetime to train a husband–and Cindy’s done a pretty good job at shaping me up. I am nursing a sunburn today–and that’s a good thing. We got lucky with the weather, with warm weather on Saturday am and Monday am.

    It was enjoyable being in your most comfortable home, even sleeping on the couch was a treat (although I did worry that Jude might end up rolling out of the bunk and on to my head–he didn’t). I learned about the gluten-free diet, not an easy road! Hopefully it helps Jude. I would recommend that we all devote some portion of our lives to a gluten-free existence–in support of Jude’s journey.

    Baby sitting was an interesting challenge, not knowing when Royal was going to get hungry. He almost got his first dose of cow’s milk (as there was no formula or other alternatives to mom’s milk. You guys got back from the movie just in time! (I’ll make another pitch for Zero Dark 30…great film!).

    Let’s us know what the doctors had to say about Jude’s situation. We’re all interested in this. Keep working hard. You’re doing great!



  3. One of the best places on the planet! So glad you guys got to feel the magic of this place!

    Thank you for sharing Heather and Ryan!

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