Balboa Boys –


We went and walked around Balboa a few days ago with my grandparents, the boys loved looking at all the sailboats. Jude, after a few minutes tried to climb over the wall a few times. He sure is an adventurous one. He definitely is our little Jude Everest!


IMG_6310 IMG_6285


My mom sent us an incredible care package for Valentines Day. The most amazing chocolate covered strawberries I’ve ever had! Thanks Gigi! Those hit the spot!

The boys and their silliness. Finn is always such a crack up! Someone found Dad’s swim cap.  IMG_6313 IMG_6252 IMG_6221 IMG_6235 IMG_6239Made it through another rite of passage of motherhood yesterday-  Finn had his first real public tantrum. We were at Fashion Island yesterday and I was picking up a baby gift for a shower tomorrow and Finn found some car pajamas that he wanted. I said No, and I guess he really, really wanted them because he fell to the floor and screamed.. and I just walked out of the store with Jude. He popped up running after me. He turned it around after we left the store, luckily his tantrums never last longer than 2 minutes. Later at the fountains I discovered tucked in his stroller another pair of pajamas. Haven’t quite explained the concept of ‘buying’ and not just taking, because we had to go back and return some shark pajamas that were still on their hanger unpaid for. I probably should have turned it into a teaching moment, but emotionally I wasn’t really up for it. So I just snuck them back to the lady while Finn was talking to Jude, on the way back he was telling me how excited he was about his shark pajamas that he took. Then I explained I took them back because we didn’t pay for them. He just looked out the window and didn’t say much more the rest of the way home!

No worries here though, lately when things look down…I  just pull out these babies! Red Jack Purcell’s does it get much happier than that!


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  1. Ha, I love how you handled that meltdown – just walk away. You guys are doing so great keeping up with life and those three busy boys. Royal is getting so big and I just love those cheeks of his!

  2. The chocolates look delicious! Post-worthy story about Finn’s episode! And good response–ignore him! Can’t blame the boy for wanting flashy PJs! But we know he’ll recover quickly. TTFN

  3. Have to smile at little Finn and the temper tantrum! Such an angelic little boy… Can’t imagine a meltdown at Fashion Island! I remember years ago that I was shopping with Emily in the ladies underwear department. She was probably 2 or 3 years old. Emily got mad over something, or maybe just bored, and the next thing I knew she was underneath one of the circular racks flinging bras everywhere and screaming as loud as she could! She thought it was so funny! Other shoppers were giving me the look of disgust and disapproval. Such a spoiled child and such a bad mom… I remember the hot flush of embarrassment! And then… I pretended she was someone else’s child, shook my head in disapproval with the rest of the shoppers… and walked away!!!! Felt bad that someone had to pick up 50 or so bras off the floor, but Emmy sure came running whe she realized I was leaving her!!! Way to go, HB! Runs in the family, I guess! Love ya!

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