Finn’s Fall –

Finn slipped running into the kitchen last night and landed really hard on his thumb. It was pretty late, so although he cried a lot and couldn’t move his hand I let it wait until the morning to go check it out. He was so exhausted and it wasn’t his arm, it was his thumb. Today Finn could barely walk and he was cradling his hand so we went and got it checked out. The trip itself was a success just so Finn could get an Iron Man sticker. How does he even know who Iron Man is? He talks about him all the time though!

IMG_6857The ice made the swelling go down significantly. It was blue and extremely swollen when we got there. 3 hours waiting, two X-Rays, and $100 later, the hand is fine. The price of being responsible. I think we’ve gone to the doctor/urgent care once when it actually turned out to be necessary. Being a responsible adult can be such a pain sometimes! It was a long morning. Royal did not have fun hanging out in the bjorn for so long, but so many people were sick around me. I wanted him to stay safe in his house. The morning did have a silver lining, Finn got all caught up on his vaccinations. Between all my pregnancy appointments and our lengthy appointments for Jude, I was not about to take Finn in for a ‘well baby’ visit.

IMG_6856IMG_6852Who doesn’t love stripes? I think Royal is wearing some combination of stripes nearly every day. Savoring this special time as much as I can! I’m amazed after I’ve gone a run, or left on a quick errand and had some time away from the boys when I come back and see Royal my heart swells so much and I find myself able to give him so much more attention. I try to see the world from Jude’s perspective or Finn’s. Today, while waiting in the cold Dr’s office Finn whispered softly to me after a few minutes ‘Mom, I so afraid.’ I try not to think too much when the boys have to get shots. I feel myself trying to just shut off my brain and desenstize for a moment but I can’t. I can always feel tears well up behind my eyes. It’s amazing how as mothers we would do anything to take away our children’s pain. Today it was me telling him we would hit up Chick-Fil-A on the way home! When I think about them calling my name excited to show me something and the feeling they must get if I ignore them, it makes me sad. 

Ryan and I both got some good exercise this weekend which was perfect. Ryan cooked dinner for me on Sunday, I napped, and Saturday I went to a baby shower. It all culminated in having HB’s nerve endings healed.


IMG_6781Little tid bit about the HB, I love getting my boys dapper. I’ll take any excuse I can get! Everyone that sees us regularly are pretty used to it, but a few days ago someone asked me ‘Easter outfits?’ 


3 responses

  1. That comment “I so scared” just breaks my heart. Tell him we are so proud of how brave he was!
    Love the photo of Jude laughing! But the one of Royal with his big lower lip has to be my favorite…
    Just priceless!!! Three great looking boys! Two terrific parents… Not bad looking either! Mom

  2. Love the picture of Jude laughing/smiling. I’m glad Finn’s hand is okay–isn’t that weird how kids pick up on things (Ironman)? Our other nephews know so many pop culture songs/youtube things that I’m always surprised they’ve seen/heard.

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