A Great Saturday


Happy, happy Jude! This weekend we spent some time at the beach with our friends that live down in Laguna Niguel. This was Jude’s face on the way home -he was HAPPY! I didn’t get much time with my camera because I was having so much fun socializing. We went down to the beach by the Montage. Man it’s gorgeous down there. I’m sure we’ll go down there and walk again soon. Jude was fully in the ocean. The tide was high and there was just no keeping Jude out of the water. After the beach we ate shrimp tacos and let the kids play. Ryan threw the football, it was pretty much one of the best days ever. Love, love, love SoCal.


How gorgeous is she? The boys think so too, Jude and Finn are always doing stuff to try and make her laugh. After eating dinner we were all playing and Finn and Bailey went off playing. I found Finn with his underwear on his head – and Bailey laughing hard.


IMG_6867IMG_6878IMG_6886The boys loved playing in her car, and back at home -the monkeys came out to play. The boys new favorite, pull ups on their bed. Not a bad way to burn off a little of that energy!


2 responses

  1. Finn – underwear on backwards, as usual! I didn’t realize you brought the camera to the beach. Thanks for sharing – Jude really was in heaven!

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