An Afternoon at South Coast

My Mom and Dad came into town this afternoon. I love it when they pop in for a quick visit. My mom was really excited to see Finn and Jude she’s missed them. It was a little chilly here  60’s – so we went to South Coast Plaza. They have their Easter display up. It’s fun to get into the Easter spirit, the boys loved it! At this time of year South Coast switches out the horses for bunnies so fun!

Finn has been asking for ‘Iron Man’ Pj’s for weeks now. The things kids pick up on. I have stickers at the doctors office to thank for that one.

IMG_6987Thanks for a fun evening Toppy and Gigi! It was just what I needed. I wish I could say I have been handling all our stress lately well but I could do better. My nerve endings have felt worn thin lately. I even picked up my knitting again, bring on the booties! I’ve been sneaking out for a few runs down at the Tustin Sports park when the boys go to sleep -trying to manage it all, I’ll get better! When we are all together I feel great! Handling all three of the boys alone… it’s an adventure that’s for sure.

IMG_6993Jude trying to climb into the display. I was cracking up! After enjoying some fun we went and perused the Disney store and did a little more damage to Gigi’s bank account than we were planning on. Thanks Gigi, the boys LOVE their little Iron Men. There are few things I enjoy more than getting a really good meal! Yum, yum! We tried that place that you and Ryan went to Grandma Cindy. Jude with his special diet got the best meal of us all. Salmon with steamed asparagus. Finn got some Penne and I don’t think I can ever recall Finn literally eating his entire meal. We looked over and Finn’s bowl was cleaned. Finn tends to eat mostly gluten free food as well, so I think ‘real’ pasta hit the spot.

We got home and the boys just ran around the house playing ‘Iron Man’. It was a really, really fun night.

IMG_7034 IMG_6990 IMG_7024When Finn realized his Iron Man figurine could talk he went crazy with excitement! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him go so crazy over something like that. I was cracking up.

IMG_6979 IMG_6983 IMG_7020 IMG_6966


A few other pictures from our week. We’ve been sticking to our routine of a trip to the park in the morning, and a walk in the evening but the time in the middle- the afternoons while Jude naps can feel long. It’s always fun to look at the boys behind the lense. It always brings a smile to my face.

IMG_6904 IMG_6912 IMG_6934Finn likes to color code his fish! Maybe he takes after Dad, or his Gigi and likes things organized!

IMG_6940IMG_6915Sure am going to miss having plants if we move to the dessert!

4 responses

  1. Little Royal looks like he has brown eyes, like you! Does he? The Easter decorations give me something to look forward to.

  2. No visual evidence of Toppy’s visit–you’re slipping up, Heather! What a wonderful change of pace to have your parents visit! Like the haircuts! Jude eating salmon? Who says this gluten free diet is a sacrifice? I didn’t know the magnitude of the rabbits for horses swap until I saw the picture. Wow, what an amazing upgrade (must be a little money in that community!). And that picture of Royal…angelic! Enjoy the weekend. Petes

  3. The boys are getting so big, their new haircuts are adorable! And Royal. I love that little sweet face, he seems like such a mellow little man – like he just takes it all in! You guys look great – send some warm sun our way!

  4. Way to go on the PJ’s! Cute, cute! Love Cougar Jude climbing INTO Easter! That’s our adventure-boy! For Grandma Cindy the pink azalea is the big winner!!! Oh, winter is SOOOO long here!

    HB, you are a terrific mom! Ryan, i am so proud of you. You’re doing great with those precious boys.
    Pat each other on the back! You are both wonderful parents! Love you!

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