Festival of Whales Weekend

This was the last weekend of the Festival of Whales down at Dana Point. Between having some fun down at Dana Point Harbor and hanging out with my parents this weekend, we are both feeling quite tired! Talk about playing hard! Ryan and I both slept so deeply last night. Our days with the boys are just ‘Go, Go, Go, Go!’ In no particular order, some pictures of us at the Ocean Institute and walking around the festival at the harbor.

IMG_7059 IMG_7064 IMG_7082 IMG_7098 IMG_7109Looking at all the star fish was so much fun!! Mr Finn was shy at first but quickly warmed up to touching them with Dad.  IMG_7112 IMG_7113 IMG_7115 Jude as we all know – is rarely shy. He wanted to put his face up to all the fish at the Ocean Institue! We’ve been wanting to come here since we moved. They are only open on the weekends and it’s $7 for adults, which has deterred us in the past, but we decided it was worth it and went. IMG_7121 IMG_7124 IMG_7137 IMG_7147 IMG_7164 IMG_7155 IMG_7152 IMG_7177 IMG_7185 IMG_7190Okay, so the microscope part may not make for great photos but it was so cool! Finn was totally into it. They had so many different slides to look at, we may have lost Jude for a minute. We looked at slides turned around and he was gone. Yup, went back to chase down that stuffed star fish. Should have known, we never ‘lost’ him. He just ran away. I learned from the Yogi Bear experience that when when it comes to people in costumes, keep a close eye out with Jude! IMG_7197Didn’t hold back sharing photos! We were having a lot of fun.

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  1. Great hands-on learning for the boys!!! HB, way to go touching the starfish! No fear, girl! Proud of you! Looks like the boys really loved every part of it. Funny Jude running back to find the stuffed starfish!
    His face says, “you caught me!”. Royal is such an easy-going baby. What a blessing! Gosh I miss California! So dreary here in the Midwest … And so sunny there. Love you all so, so, so much! Mom

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