Visiting with Gigi and Toppy

The thing I love most about hanging out with my parents is how much I laugh with them.  My dad and I both can laugh so obnoxiously hard that we kind of hunch over. Many times it’s laughing about things I’ve done – liking following Ryan into the bathroom at the Ocean Institute with the boys.  Ryan turned around and said “Hey Heath, Do you want to go to the Womens?” …. “Yes!” Sometimes the brain just seems to stop. IMG_7263IMG_7243My parents came with us to church. So fun to introduce them to some of our wonderful friends. Love day light savings! More light = more time for our Sunday walk at the beach! It was beautiful this afternoon! Because of Jasper we hit up Corona Del Mar. He doesn’t like being left out!

IMG_7252IMG_7250IMG_7282 IMG_7287After our walk we let them crawl around in the back seat while we enjoyed the breeze. I don’t know what got into Jude today but he was a bit wild, running away!

Last night we walked around fashion island. Mr. brought his Iron Man man! Below you can see him showing the bunnies his Iron Man.

IMG_7231 IMG_7228 IMG_7220Jasper might have had a problem wanting to mark his territory everywhere. So he got confined to the stroller. Finn wanted to walk anyway! IMG_7212 IMG_7208Jasper loves you Toppy! So cute! Love you guys, thanks again Toppy for being so great with Jude during sacrament. It was so cute to see how he sunggles with you.


After a big day filled with high’s: walking along the beach, lunch at my favorite cafe Rose’s. (I might have put three donuts in my freezer for later in the week!) along with the occasional low – Cougar Jude. Let’s see… Jude was just pretty much melting down by the end of the day -ran into the corner of a coffee table, then smashed his fingers in a glass door. Rough. Royal had small melt down demanding the breast on the way home. So we pulled over and had to take a 10 minute interlude.  My poor parents, come for a vacation but life around the boys is intense. 10 o’clock here – and we just heard some raucous. Boys should be sleeping.

Let me describe this sight: Mr Finn bathing his Iron Man in a glass full of water. Then drying and cleaning him off with LOTS of wet wipes. IMG_7308

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  1. What a great visit! Love the boys’ haircuts! We had rain and sleet all weekend… And look at that beautiful California sunshine. Hello to Gigi and Toppy… They look great! Jasper in the stroller… Funny! Glad you had such a fun visit! Love, Mom

    P.S. Tub time for Ironman! Way to go, Finn!

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