Royal’s Trip to the Hospital

IMG_7377Quick post, Royal James has been sick all week with an awful cough! Last night he was wheeezing and having a very difficult time breathing. Ryan stayed home with the two boys and I took Royal to the Emergency Room. I was expecting Kaiser to give me the run around, like they always do, but the doctor working was excellent and quickly got Royal on some breathing treatments. He took X-Ray’s of his chest to test for pneumonia. His chest was reclining badly, even after his treatments so they transferred us to the Anaheim hospital where they have an inpatient children’s unit. Royal got to take an ambulance ride! The anxiety I felt last night was intense. I have been worried about Royal for days, but the feeling I had watching him struggle to breathe was torture! Last night I felt scared. I tried to stay calm, but my brain was not working; I didn’t even bring my diaper bag- now that’s bad! I got there and had nothing but Royal. I was wishing for an iphone last night so I could have documented a little of the scene. I could tell Royal was in pain, his eyes were tearing up so bad. He kept trying to smile at me. I just held his hand the whole night, and tried to not be emotional. Thankfully I had gone on a nice long run that afternoon (well long for me!). So at least the emotional bank account was full before I completely maxed it out again!. When I dropped off Finn and Jude with Ryan at home, I told Mr “I’m going to take Royal to the doctor and they are going to help him breathe better.” Finn started to choke back tears, and then he said, “Mom, I’m scared. Hold Royal’s hand.” When the boys picked me up tonight from the hospital, Finn held Royal’s hand the whole way home. It was  precious. Jude kept trying to reach over and play with him and Finn would yell, ‘NO! Jude!’ Jude was sooo excited to have him back in the car too. Quick random anecdote- Finn will often yell, ‘No Jude! In his sleep!’


They have a great staff there, I was very impressed. It was a long night. We got to the new hospital around 4 am and he was transferred to his room by 5:30. We did breathing treatments all day switching off between saline and the medicated steam. He is still wheezing, but I know what to look for in regards to his chest, counting his breaths, and helping him clear out his nose better. I had been using the humidifier at home, taking him into the bathroom for steams, and clearing out his nose but he just kept getting progressively worse. I had been on the phone with the nurses all week, he didn’t have a fever so we were hoping it would pass. I haven’t got his test results back to see if he has RSV. He doesn’t have pneumonia as of right now. They let me take him home tonight, we go back to the doctor tomorrow morning. Everything they were doing there I could do at home and he improved a lot, they weren’t concerned about me taking home but they did ask if they could keep him longer. Trust me, if he gets bad again I’ll take him right back. This is a long way from over. He’ll be coughing for a few more weeks they said. I’m pretty sure they’ll tell me tomorrow at our appointment that he has RSV. This came out of nowhere! Surpising because none of the boys are sick!

IMG_7380When Ryan came to visit he snapped a few shots…  now you get a sense of the scene today. There I am with no sleep! I didn’t sleep last night and I’m here blogging. I finally got Royal to sleep, the nights are so bad! I’m exhausted, so that’s all for now. I’ll comment tomorrow and let you know what the doctor says about what kind of virus he had.

IMG_7362 IMG_7373

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  1. It is never a good sign when you go for more than a few days without posting–guess that was true this time. Gosh, what more can life throw at you?

    Hang in there–it is hard to imagine your pain and concern. One day at a time–and this will pass. We are all praying for some intervention here. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Hang on! Love you–and know you will see brighter days ahead! Dad m

  2. Heather, you’re such a great mom – I’m sure little Royal was so happy, holding your hand all night. I am sure this is so hard, but it’s so sweet to see pictures of you taking care of Royal. Poor little guy!! I wish we could be there to help you. Give Royal a big hug from us. We love you all so much, and hoping you have some peaceful, cheerful days ahead!

  3. Well it’s RSV. Last night did not go well. At all. I got our doctor to give us more breathing treatments, and a steroid. Might go back in if tonight he doesn’t respond well enough, would have taken him back in yesterday but was afraid to take him out of the steaming bathroom. RSV is scary! Love you!

  4. I am so sorry you are going through this with Royal. I went through this with Mason and was in the hospital for a week. I can get on a plane tomorrow if you need help. Doing the breathing treatments are a lot of work..if I can help please call. Hugs and kisses to all the boys. Thank you for our wonderful 4 days in Newport. You are a wonderful mother… amazing.

  5. Oh Heath what a nightmare! I’m so sorry you had to go through that, there is nothing worse than a sick baby. I bet you were so terrified. You’re such a good mama. I hope he’s starting to feel better, especially for your sake. You look beautiful with no sleep missy! Hang in there!

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