Kicking Off Spring Break

Hello! Excited to be posting about our Friday night nature walk/hike. We had a great time. We are all a little under the weather. Royal James got the boys sick, usually it is the other way around. It felt great getting out and enjoying the sea air. What a gorgeous evening. It was a really warm day.IMG_7490The boys love running around together. Finn always has so many funny things to say. Every park trip, beach walk, or hike Finn finds a whole bunch of random things that he wants to take home. He loves to collect.

IMG_7423The trails are so fun to walk on. The few people we came across tonight were  all so friendly. We are always amazed how many good people are down here in Orange County. So many people just stop and chat with us wherever we go. One person stopped and asked to take a picture of us on her iphone. She said, “Thanks for inspiring me!” We were pushing the stroller up this huge hill.  It made my day. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that what you’re doing isn’t common place. 

IMG_7430IMG_7435 I just LOVE my baby Royal James!!!!IMG_7438IMG_7444IMG_7453IMG_7450IMG_7465Finn came over and sat on my lap while taking care of Royal James. My favorite part of this picture – Cougar Jude in the background. IMG_7469IMG_7477When Finn got in the tub tonight he said, “I had some tea.” I was like, ‘Oh yeah?’  He said, ‘Yes, just like My Gigi and Toppy.’ Just jokingly I asked him, “How do you take your tea Finn?” No joke his response – ‘With honey, not lemon.’IMG_7484IMG_7489IMG_7495IMG_7500IMG_7504IMG_7512IMG_7517IMG_7562IMG_7560IMG_7565IMG_7567IMG_7585IMG_7576IMG_7598IMG_7593IMG_7590

4 responses

  1. What a beautiful day. I love all the green grass. The family seems well, especially baby Royal..Ya! Mr. Finn, of course takes after his Gigi needing some tea, it warms the Boy! Today I had a shower to attend and everyone wants to see the kids. I miss them so much. What am I going to do if you are so far away. Hugs to all 🙂

  2. So glad to have a new post!!!! Royal looks so good, thanks to all your hard work Heather! So glad you got out for some fresh air and sunshine. The family photo is getting printed, and enlarged and framed. Terrific shots! I was starving… Keep them coming! Miss you all!

  3. Those pictures are amazing!!! Your wall better be filled missy! What a beautiful place and such a gorgeous fam! xoxo

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