Finn’s First Day of Pre School

I dropped off Finn this morning for his first day of summer school. We had another rough night with the boys coughs, breathing treatments in the middle of the night are not fun! So this morning I wasn’t quite with it and didn’t snag any great pictures of the moment. I also got his spot reserved for the fall in a great school by our house, if we are still here that is. Finn did great, he was so brave! After his first day of school we took him to Chick-Fil-A, his favorite! We let him play on the jungle gym inside, where he had got into a little brawl with another boy! Oh man the things Finn was saying after about being pushed, forget about his first day of school. He kept wanting to talk about getting pushed down at Chick-Fil-A! This evening we all hung out by the pool. The boys love to swim.IMG_7709 IMG_7727 IMG_7692 IMG_7676 IMG_7690 IMG_7726 IMG_7720 IMG_7717Jude wanted to give Dad a high five after every lap. Jude loved watching him swim! The boys had a really fun time swimming. Busy day for us: Finn’s first day, lunch, Jude had an appointment today, breathing treatments, and an evening swim. Poor Royal James is already teething so lots of orajel for him! He’s been in so much pain. We just finished watching The Pursuit of Happyness. It’s wonderful to be inspired. Loving Spring Break! IMG_7691 IMG_7623 IMG_7607 IMG_7610 IMG_7696

5 responses

  1. Can’t imagine Finn brawling with another boy! The troublemaker MUST have been the other little boy. Finn is not a bully !!! :). Can’t believe you were swimming out doors. We still have about 8 inches of snow on the ground! Minnesota, we love It!

  2. Maybe you could enroll Finn in a kick-boxing class on the alternate days.

    Chic-filet, always so controverisal.

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