Small Victories!


Some reflections on how we’re doing. We’re making progress. It’s amazing how some days will feel just crazy, absolutely crazy! While other days it’s like… ‘oh we got this!’ Today was an ‘Oh I got this’ day. Yesterday wasn’t quite like that, thus an evening run. That’s pretty much how it goes. Whenever I feel I’m losing my nerve… I go on a run, or buy myself flowers from Trader Joes. I love snap dragons, definitely one of my top 3 favorite flowers. Random tid bit about Hb. I love avocados. No exaggeration, I’ve eaten a whole avocado by myself I think for the last month.


Today I caught some breaks. Some of you may be thinking… about time! Between Royal having RSV and then both the boys getting sick we’ve been treading water for a bit. Today went like this… I dorve Mr Finn to preschool where he was so excited he kept shrieking and yelling a whole bunch of stuff. One line was particularly funny, ” I go to school! I go to school just like Dad!” I rushed back, we had our ABA therapist and our behavior therapist already at our house for Jude. I chatted with both of them, they were encouraging. I then rushed with Royal James to do a tour of a local preschool, that we’ve been trying to get Finn in. What Finn is doing now isn’t really preschool, it’s more like a really fun summer camp. They sing, play, and do a craft. It’s just what we need for right now. This fall I actually want more of a deliberate learning setting. When Ryan went and picked him up at noon the teacher told Ryan the following:

“We just love Mr Finn!” How long has he been going by Mr. Finn? (When people ask Finn his name he always says,’Mr. Finn’ He just does!) The teacher also said, “When it was snack time, oh it was the cutest thing all the kids ran to their cubbies to get their snack, but Finn he took off towards the toy kitchen, he opened up one of the bottom cupboards and pulls out his snack! He had taken his snack out of his cubby and had moved it to the toy kitchen.”

IMG_7321Jude just waking up from a nap. I’ve been trying to capture him asleep – hard to capture!

I catch a break –

I got a spot for Finn in a great pre school for the Fall. This preschool is amazing! (For all you local peeps it’s St. Paul’s). I highly suggest looking into it, and if you do – don’t take your kids on the tour, better to get a sitter and enjoy it. Just trust me. They are already booked solid for their morning slots for the fall but they had just a few openings left for their four year old afternoon sessions. I also got one of the last slots for a mommy and me class once a week for Jude and I.  Although I give it only a 20% chance that we’ll even be here in the fall I feel so happy to know that we have a great option. There were probably 12 other parents doing the tour with me, most were there with their 3 month old babies already getting them their spots for preschool. Wow. Sometimes I look back at the HB that started out parenting and could laugh so hard at some of my naivety!


Jude update

We have had two doctors appointments a day for Jude just this week. We went and saw a holistic doctor Tuesday who has suggested an even more advanced diet for Jude. She looked at a number of different pressure points around his body and was able to tell that he’s still having an allergic reaction to some of the foods he’s eating. Jude on top of a no gluten, no dairy, no casein diet – will also be off of eggs, sucrose, and any other concentrated juices. I took a few long moments to mourn the loss of eggs from our diet one of our greatest sources of protein but I’m up for the challenge and am committed to not only be taking away from Jude’s diet but contributing to it. Thank goodness he loves salmon! I’ve resigned to making more meat, and Jude is now on a lot more supplements, and probiotics… I mean a lot. $250 worth of new stuff. Ultimate goal, get Jude’s bowels/stomach to a healthy happy place which will take most likely 6 months to a year to do.



Ryan and Royal

Finally got his Harvard Business Review magazine in the mail. We forked up the dough to get him a yearly subscription. We’ll probably have that in our house for the next fifty years. He loves that thing, so he’s quite happy right now. Still on Spring break, working hard on the job front. Tomorrow is our only day that we don’t have any early morning appointments so heading out to the beach! Sure do love sharing the craziness that is our life with this handsome devs!

Baby Royal James has started teething, I’ve felt good about catching it and giving him lots of orajel. Love those pills, it was my first time using those. I always used the gel these are way easier and more effective too! I have been able to tell a real improvement. The happiness he brings me is indescribable. When I think how fleeting the time is I ache inside. My heart will literally hurt with such a tangible pain. Trying so, so hard to savor it.  Someone asked me about him being my last and I think I literally started to cry. Love my babies! Finn says everyday, ‘He’s so coot! (cute)”

If any of you are thinking, ‘Man Hb is so dramatic!’ I’m serious, leave Cougar alone for seriously one minute. I mean we live in a one bedroom apartment, how alone can he get? Alone enough to do this regularly – (Chocolate Coconut Milk all down the front)


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  1. Loved so many things about this post. Yeay for preschool! What an exciting time to see what Mr. Finn will be learning and I looovved the story about him putting his food in the kitchen. So adorable. Good for you recognizing the small victories. Mark and I comment on a regular basis how crazy life must be right now for you guys – and what an incredible job you both do raising these 3 little boys. And I was so happy to see Royal. (btw I’ve wanted to try those teething pills for a long time – need to get those!). Every time I see a pic of him I just want to squish him! Miss you guys!!

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