Easter Weekend!

 Love, love, putting my boys in their ‘best Sunday dress’ for Easter Weekend. I was giddy last night ironing the boys outfits. Oh it’s fun for me. Early this morning was the 43rd annual Easter Egg hunt. This was our third time going, and the kids love it! It’s at the Sports Park just two blocks away from our apartment. Royal’s first and most likely last Tustin Easter Egg Hunt was a total success.  IMG_7788 IMG_7748It was so fun to see how many kids all dressed up too. As you can tell, I love to make an occasion out of it. It’s always been busy, but this year I think was their biggest turn out.

IMG_7753 IMG_7761 IMG_7762Jude got trampled! I had Finn and Royal, Ryan had Jude – we run to the middle and look back and no Jude. I was like, ‘What happened!’ We even still stayed in the 2 year old division even though Finn is 3. Good thing too, because even with the two year olds it was pretty fierce out there! You guys know me, I don’t mix well with ‘the public’ but these are some of the best people, it’s really family oriented. Everyone was so great, it’s all about the kids. All these great parents with their kids at the park early! IMG_7768

IMG_7771 IMG_7765

This year they had a train that went around the park. Well sponsored events are always so well done.  Love our community here. It will be interesting to see what we do next year in Dubai, being a Muslim country I’m not quite expecting this.  IMG_7793 IMG_7802It was toasty! Even at 8 in the morning I was sweating! IMG_7830The boys loved sitting in the car for two blocks. Big boys!  IMG_7836 IMG_7860IMG_7783Happy Easter! Congratulations on your first Easter egg hunt Royal James. Welcome to the family. While it was Royal’s first hunt it wasn’t quite his first encounter with ‘The Bunny’. Voila an outing with mom earlier this week –


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  1. I have looked at these Easter pictures over and over! The boys, so cute in their yellow and you in beautiful purple..wow! Happy Easter

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