Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Miller family! Especially thinking about our extended family today. Wish we could be with you all on Easter.


Ryan is always a great sport, I have this thing on Easter morning that we have to go take a family picture before heading to Church. I told him this morning, ‘So, I know you don’t want to do this but…’ Ryan was great he said,  “I know, I know it’s Easter, family picture.” I think he was making it up to me because  last year we didn’t have time so we took one in our apartment. That’s not so fun! This year he was a great sport and we went next door to the Citrus Park for a quick picture.

Last year picture: Sorry being lazy, our hard drive is stacked with pictures. I couldn’t dig up our Sunday photo. I did dig up this little beauty from last year’s Easter adventure. Laugh out loud. This random lady trying to help me take pictures of the boys! Gigi, I know Dad and the boys are out of town, if you want to laugh really hard you should read last years Easter post. My goodness, I’m sure glad I documented this stuff.


Royal James cracks me up! His personality is pretty much as you see here on the blog – that’s baby Royal James!

IMG_7976 IMG_7971 Jude is doing well. Today while ‘riding the bull’ he actually held on for the first time. He’s never shown that kind of coordination before to grab our neck.  IMG_7959 IMG_7944IMG_7917 IMG_7915Considering we are trying to take a family picture with three babies, they did pretty well! Church wasn’t quite as seamless. IMG_7899

Eventful weekend! We have actually all been quite tired! I think this was a first, me and all three of the boys were out cold. Jude in his bed, and then Finn and I dozed off snuggling. Royal James has been a great sleeper so far!


Ryan and I went out on our third date since we had kids. Thanks for encouraging us to go out Grandma Cindy/Bompa Petes! I was taking out the garbage, you know -getting things cleaned up and Ryan saw me walking back in the house and he said, “What? What is it?” I was like, ‘What?” He’s all, “You’re so happy!” I’m pretty much always happy, but I really felt happy! I was so excited to go out. We went to Whole Foods and split this amazing Mediterranean goat cheese sandwich and split a piece of cake. Then we watched the sunset at the Top of the World. Pretty much unreals. Thanks Cheri! We took Royal with us and Finn and Jude stayed home with our neighbor Jocelyn. She just plays with the boys the whole time. I’m going to have her come and help me entertain the boys again soon! Jude was trying so hard to talk, he was engaged with her the entire time. He just loved her! She’s seriously amazing with my boys. It also doesn’t hurt that her mom won’t let me pay her more than $5 an hour.


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