Beach Day and Walk with my Brockbank Fam

IMG_8260This is my first post on what feels like a brand new computer. The computer screen on my computer was falling off, don’t you love it when Apple will replace things for free! They called it a manufacturer defect. Love that Genius Bar! I’ve had a lot of fun with this post. So fun to edit pictures with a bright screen. I’m a little giddy over here.

IMG_8229I had to take advantage of having a new model! Poor Mason. I had no idea he was so shy. I was teasing him, i.e.”Wait until these pics hit the facebook page!’ I was trying to make him work it for me, and he was so shy! You’re quite the handsome devs Mason. Thanks for playing with the boys!

IMG_8255IMG_8256Work it Royal!  Oh I love him, he laughs now!

IMG_8247With my new computer screen came a new opearting system! Hooray for a new iphoto. That’s always fun.


IMG_8199IMG_8194Love you Jude! Jude really is doing well guys, Mason came into town and was playing with Jude and he made a few observations like, “Wow, Jude can do this, he can do that!” I was like, “Yes! You can’t tell anything is different with Jude unless you have him under a microscope” He said… “Well on the blog you make him sound like he’s in pretty rough shape!” Count on Mason to tell you how it is.

IMG_8173Jasper didn’t make the blog yesterday. Jasper is so small my mom hid him in her bag. Too funny. He didn’t even go to the bathroom on the beach, he just slept under our chairs the whole day. He’s so easy!

IMG_8174Gigi and Mr. Finn always spend lots of time snuggling. Gigi loves Cougar a lot too, despite not many pictures together! What can I say Finn and Gigi have just always had an extremely close bond since he was born. Seriously, he calls her ‘his Gigi.’ There you go, when you look back and think, “I was born in Orem Utah.” The upside is Gigi got to spend so much time with you as baby. Jude and Toppy have just that same bond. It’s precious.

Quick shout out to Toppy – Great work today jumping into the freezing ocean! Mason pulled the ‘curse of being the youngest child’ card when Toppy didn’t want to jump in! So then he had to go swimming. Brrrrrr! I’ll share some iphone shots lates that Toppy took while Gigi and I were out getting Rose’s. Fun day. Sorry so many photos lately!! I know it’s over kill. But I always have to take advantage when family comes to visit.

Hey TD, here’s a bribe to come visit: I promise to take lots of cute pictures of you that you can send to Rachel. Get out here! You’ll do fine on your Calculus test. Come meet Royal James!

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