IMG_8160Surprise!! Hooray for a surprise visit from my family. They ditched their Spring break Florida vacation at the last minute and decided to come vacation in SoCal instead. I got a phone call at 8am yesterday saying they were flying in that afternoon. Finn and Jude were so excited to see their ‘Uncle Mason.’ All day yesterday Finn kept telling Mason, ‘You’re funny Uncle Mason!’ ‘You’re a silly goose Uncle Mason!” Mason injured his back playing tennis so it didn’t make much sense to fly down to Florida when the main reason you were going  was for Mason and tennis.

IMG_8151Finn has the hardest time keeping his eyes open when he smiles really big for pictures. As evidenced above and all the other family pictures we took on Eater Sunday.  On Sunday we told Mr, ‘Sweetheart, we’re going to send this to your Gigi, and Grandma Cindy and Bompa Petes! Your eyes are always closed!” It’s so cute that he can’t control it!

I mentioned the last time I posted about my family that we always laugh so hard. It’s so true, even though my parents are obviously older and their kids are more or less done being raised- there is still a sense of organized chaos and it just makes me smile so much! Illustration – Jasper got car sick on the way to the hotel. He was so cute, freshly cut, the whitest dog you have ever seen, and the poor thing is puking up out the window. Then I drop them off at the Pelican and we realized Jasper ‘house’ got left at the airport.

IMG_8152We went and ate at one of my favorite restaurants, ‘R&D Kitchen’. It’s right next to Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island for all you locals. After dinner we  went and got a gift card for my Grandma at this new store called ‘C Wonder’ that just moved in, my mom and I both got a beautiful new blouse. Wow, my new favorite store. Amaze! Seriously though – WOW! My grandma was way excited about her gift, we went and saw them after dinner.

IMG_8156The boys were out at 8:30 just smiling, and laughing. They loved chasing Mason. I think it was impossible for them to be sad with Uncle Mason around!


I have some fun beach shots from the weekend to publish later, I was going to work on them last night. But we got back so late and I fell asleep snuggling with Mr Finn.

I was laying on Mr. Finn’s bed and we were singing songs like we do every night. It makes me happy that he lets me do that. When he was really little, I would try and he would often shut me down! Now he likes the lullabies. Just another testament that I need to always try and enjoy the stages we are in. He won’t always let me snuggle and sing with him.

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  1. Yes yes…Heather and Ryan. This is where we love to come. With Mason’s injury and some last second changes with the Tennis Academy in Florida, we all looked at each other and we knew where we wanted to come!

    So excited to be here with the Millers in one of our favorite places.

    The boys were so wonderful yesterday. Jude and Finn are doing so well; Royal James is nothing but a joy!!!

    So fun to spend the week here!

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