Our Weekend on Balboa

IMG_8455It is so fun vacationing somewhere where you don’t have to drive a car! We just drive to ‘The Cottage’ as Finn says and from there we walk everywhere. They have a grocery store, the beach, we can go on our sunset walk watching the sailboats and rowing teams, and lots of great shopping and restaurants. It’s magical.

Lots of roses to stop and smell!


IMG_8433IMG_8402‘Airplane!’ Having little boys around is so fun. It will be a sad when every garbage truck and airplane isn’t a huge celebration.

Tonight poor Jude slipped and fell, he hurt his head!  Thankfully he’s okay, but you know that goes.


IMG_8451IMG_8363So…. we all ended up buying the same shirt. It wasn’t on purpose, we just happened to all pick out the same thing. My mom gave Grandma a gift card to that C Wonder store. When we talked to her a few days later she told us that she picked out a black and white silk shirt, I couldn’t believe it! I had to take a picture of all of us in our shirts. I had picked that out, and turns out my mom had one already! My Grandma didn’t even know that’s what we got, and she picked that out.

IMG_8450IMG_8436IMG_8410 IMG_8403IMG_8401IMG_8456We ate Chinese food on the island tonight for dinner. Jude LOVED it! Chicken and vegetables, perfect for him! Thank you Gigi and Toppy, so fun!!


4 responses

  1. Have to comment on the three generation photo! My favorite. Funny that you all have the same (good) taste. Love the shirt! Such a GREAT picture! So glad you are all together and having fun! Mom

  2. Ok, I’m all caught up again. So glad the Bbanks in town – especially so Heath you have a hand with those little ones! Looks like heaven!

  3. Take a boat ride? That shirt story is funny. Never estimate the influence of that little gene pool that you share! Is Royal back to normal health? Hi to all

  4. Oh, what FUN!! You ladies are so gorgeous. I love when things like that happen! My sister and I buy the same outfits for oursevles AND our babies often.. she lives in Arizona! I’m DYING over Royal’s outfit?? I’m seriously tempted to buy it now and hope I have a baby that will wear it someday 🙂 Much love!!

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