The Boys are Beat!

IMG_8546It was a ‘set up the tent in the living room’ kind of evening tonight! The boys loved it. We spend the afternoon swimming and the boys were beat! Jude could barely keep his eyes open while reading the books. So cute to see them so tired.

IMG_8533Cougar Jude, tired bird! I had a wonderful time this afternoon watching Finn and Jude play so well together in the pool. They are so good with their floaties. Jude isn’t as good kicking his feet to move around as Finn is so Mr. held Jude’s hand and pulled him around the pool. It was the sweetest thing.

IMG_8169Mr. Finn says the darndest things! My favorite thing lately that he talks about is soy. The other night he asked for a snack before bed,  he pulled out some Faye yogurt. I was looking at the expiration date, and I said ‘sure go ahead’. He turned to me and said, ‘Doesn’t have soy?’ He thought I was reading the ingredients. Finn today took a box of wheat thins to the closet because ‘they had soy’ so knew he couldn’t eat those in front of Jude. In this photo above he is hiding behind our garbage can so he can eat some fruit snacks that he found, purchased from before our GFCF, sucrose free, egg free diet!

IMG_8524It’s as if we started preschool all over again. Last week was Spring break (Yes! Even for Preschoolers) Amazing how our best days are actually the days that Finn gets to go to school. He loves making an art project every day, singing songs, he even spelled his name in the kitchen yesterday. He loves taking a back pack with him.

*Baby Royal James, who we have been calling ‘King James’ around the house lately because he LOVES the King treatment, ALL the time – He’s  doing great. Tender spirit that one.

3 responses

  1. Royal James=King James=Lebron James=Lebron
    He’s now Lebron in my book. Big shoes to fill.

    Looks like a fun adventure day in Tustin.

  2. King James!!! Too funny!!!

    I adore the picture of everyone snuggled up in the tent! So tuckered out!! Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun lately! Finn looks adorable…ready for school!! I wish Adelie & Finn could go to school together!! Love you guys. Give those boys a big kiss from me!!

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