Wearing Out The Boys, Like Usual!

Having the boys burn off their energy is a big part of our every day. When Ryan doesn’t get home late we go on a walk to which ever park the boys request. I take them to the park on my own when we aren’t doing therapy, preschool, or someone’s doctor appointment! Nothing wears out the boys better than swimming! Welcome back summer, LOVING it!


Ryan is on a big swimming kick right now. He has been loving it lately. He can get such a great work out, so fast! His swim suit actually broke this afternoon doing laps, bring on the speedo! Now we’ve just got to get one for Jude. Finn loves his speedo!

Royal James was ready for the pool! I am in love with this outfit for Royal James, sorry blog viewers – you’ll be seeing this one a lot! It’s so soft!

IMG_8553IMG_8615Mr. Finn is the biggest ham.


IMG_8681I feel so good about how things are progressing with Jude. I can’t begin to express how happy and hopeful I feel. His attention span has gotten so much better. He loves swimming, LOVES it! He has even started climbing into the pool right from the edge. He’ll just plop himself in. No need to take the stairs! I still find more manifestations of autism, and that still stings sometime. There is so much potential there though, I see it and so do his therapists which make us feel good. Little side note, so excited to participate in the Walk for Autism next year in Dubai. This year’s event is happening next week. They had over 8,000 participants last year. I can’t put into words how happy I am that there is such a strong autism community there.  The more I look I actually think there could be even better resources there than here!



IMG_8601 IMG_8633IMG_8670IMG_8589IMG_8597Oh yeah, SUCCESS! We weren’t home even 10 minutes before this happened!

IMG_8690After, Mr. Finn and I went to the post office (So excited to see how baby Harper likes her birthday present!) Then we hit up Trader Joes, officially there are the cutest mom’s that shop there! Every week I’m there it takes everything I have not to run up to some mom and gush over their kids. Every time! Today it was these two young girls. I was like, ‘Mr. Finn, did you see those sweethearts?!’ Whenever he says goodbye to girls he meets he says, ‘Goodbye sweethearts!’ Oh Mr!

A few loves, that I just have to share! I am obsessed with these. In LOVE. Been eating them for months now, like everyday. Oh delicious. Oh and while I’m throwing out our favorites in the kitchen – I would be in real trouble without these babies. Gluten, Dairy, and Soy Free.  Oh Lara Bars I love you! Especially your coconut creme pie flavor, yum! One other food tid bit that’s life changing is the addition to pineapple to our spinach drinks everyday, FAR less acidic than orange juice and it’s REALLY good for the digestive system. 

My favorite thing about Friday is that Ryan doesn’t have class, obviously. But my second favorite thing is that it means ‘Friday Sweet Signs of Hope’. Quick shout out to one of my new favorite people on the planet, Chelsea. Love her blog, Where did the Bird Go? So inspiring, and seriously has been such a great source for optimism! Love you Chels!


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  1. As always, there are some great photos here. The swimming looks like alot of fun–hope Ryan gets his swimsuit fixed so he can remain appropriately modest in the pool. Glad to hear that Jude is showing measurable signs of progress! ttfn, petes

    • Thanks Petes!! Your comments are always much appreciated 🙂 Thanks for brightening my day, late night last night. I’m feeling it today! Speaking of modesty… Ryan will be sporting a speedo at the apartment complex now! He’ll really be swimming like a fish now!

      On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 4:15 PM, Ryan, Heather, Mr. Finn, Jude Everest, and

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