Some Fun Events this Weekend!

This weekend we went over to the Great Park, one of our favorite spots here in Irvine. Our wonderful endless carousel days have ended, after six years the Great Park has finally started charging people to ride the carousel and balloon. We have gone there a lot, a lot as in the carousel attendants have us on a first name basis. Today it was okay because they just happened to have an event going on, it was for child abuse awareness (I know heavy!) but the event was fantastic. There weren’t hardly any people there because the weather was only 60 degrees. When it hits anywhere close to the 50’s everyone stays inside!


You know me! I nearly always have my camera, and boy was I glad. What a fun time! The boys have never been in a bounce house, or any of these big blow up slides because they are always packed with BIG kids. Since there was such a light crowd the boys each tried it. I was laughing so hard… Finn tries the slide first and it goes like this –IMG_8737Not a fan. He came down, gasped! Then said, ‘HOLD me!’ He didn’t cry but didn’t love it. It’s okay, Mr. There weren’t many small kids on it.

Then our Jude Everest goes – First off Jude didn’t even want parental supervision. He got the concept pretty darn quick.

IMG_8754 IMG_8744

Can I say again how hysterical this was in person, everyone around me was cracking up. Someone said, ‘Well that was night and day.’ It’s okay Mr. Jude is, well…. fearless, it’s just what makes Jude, Jude. (Turn our backs for a second and he’s back up again!)

IMG_8748Bounce House, oh man… where do I begin with this.  Finn was in there for like 3, 4 minutes. Okay, he’s ready to come out. Jude he’s loving it. He started out the only one kid in there, and then two other bigger kids came in and he’s just laying flat down being bounced around like crazy. HUGE SMILE! The bounce house is the bumping house now, and then all of the sudden the castle/house starts shrinking, we’re like, “Jude get out of there!’ All the kids start screaming, they hop out. Oh no… Jude. Man! Those things collapse fast. Ryan lunged in and pulls him out. Finn’s face… oh man having children is the best. Jude gets out, tries to jump up and down on the grass. He’s been doing this thing around the house, ‘giddy up’ and he jolts around like he’s on a horse.

IMG_8725IMG_8716Those things are crazy. Some kids go in and it’s like they were raised in a bounce house! Mr. goes in there and it’s like he’s not sure what to do.

IMG_8707IMG_8776IMG_8762IMG_8786Finn loved these pinwheels. I had no idea that child abuse was so rampant in Orange County – one pinwheel represented 1,000 child absue cases reported. This was just in Orange County alone.

IMG_8703Yup, this event was super sweet. They had all of these raffles they had brought in like 5 different food trucks. The boys got to meet and talk to the firefighters and there was  no crowd!

IMG_8698I guess they lift up their feathers like this on their head when they are happy.

IMG_8770I signed up for my first trail race a while ago – a 16K, it was this weekend. But, oh guys HB is so struggs. I looked online for like an hour at maps, figuring out exactly where I was supposed to go in San Diego and we were still 10 minutes late. There was a Carmel Valley Road and  Carmel Mountain Road and we got mixed up. I guess they have a rule about no late starters. Deflating – sorry Cheri. I made us drive 100 miles – left the house at 6 in the morning – so Hb could run a 6k. The mountains in San Diego are much more robust than any hills I’ve run on here in Irvine or Malibu. Woah, woah. Up and down, up and down mountains!

IMG_8805IMG_8803After each of my babies I’ve always loved picking a fun event to do, great motivation to get back in the swing of things. It’s been harder this time around to want to do things for myself, I just worry about the boys, especially Jude. Just giving everyone – everything they need, including Cheri. Between lots of face time for Royal James,  Jude, and we all know the ham that is Mr. Finn… Oh he loves the attention. I have had to just say,’I know I don’t feel like I need it and I want to give everything to my kids, but I said I’d do something for me, and I want to take care of me too so do it HB! Just try!’


Well, I tried- it was a bit of a flop. I still had fun, made a new memory. Sorry love, I know that was a bust for you. Thanks for coming. At least I won’t have to drag you to anymore of those, just a few more months and Royal James is off the breast!

Almost forgot, Happy 27th Anniversary Gigi and Toppy!

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    • Kera! So good to hear from you. My e-mail address is I am so excited I feel like I have a new friend in the UAE already! I had your blog up on my desktop when my husband got home. He read your first post and was like, ‘Wow, she is meant to be your friend.’ You are truly wonderful. We would get along very well 🙂

      On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 8:48 PM, Ryan, Heather, Mr. Finn, Jude Everest, and

  1. You know you can sign up for those races even if you don’t have more babies!?? Sorry this one did not turn out as planned. Keep doing a few things for yourself!

  2. Fun weekend!!!! Jude is hilarious on the bouncer!!!! Awesome! Yay for you & another race! You look great! I’m sure you ran strong!!! We need to run something together someday for sure. I’ve been craving a good run/race. Did you like the trail run? I remember how hilly the big sur marathon was – I bet your trail race was even more hilly!! Everyone looks so happy – as always!! Xo!

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