Around the House this Week

IMG_885220 April 2013         We’ve had lots of time at the pool lately, the boys love it and the weather has just been magnificent! I spared you more pool pictures. Here is a look at the scene here on the home front.


Royal and Finn have so much fun together. The King is doing well with floor time, really holding up that head well. My heart swells every time I go to take Finn out of his car seat – he’s always holding Royal’s hand. He loves baby Royal James so much. Tonight Finn said, “Goodnight mom, goodnight ‘baby Royal Jame’s. He’s funny.. he refers to Royal as ‘baby Royal James’ and Jude as ‘my brother Cougar Jude’.


Refueling after the pool! Hummus and jicama. While he usually just licks the hummus right off the sticks, he gets a little veggie in there. We’ll get there. Jude loves hummus, he could eat it right out of the container with a spoon. Notice the large goose egg on his forehead. Someone fell at the pool.


Finn loves making all of his art projects at school.


IMG_8873Jude picked up on how to blow, he loves playing with whistles, and music makers. He’s having a fun time blowing everything around the house he can.

IMG_8827Finn LOVES to build ‘Iron Man’ in every shape he can!


Royal helped dad work on my anniversary present (last November), it’s a work in progress. Getting photos printed is always a bit of a daunting task – we have so many-  so it goes in stages!

IMG_8909Some good news, I found a great place for Jude to have therapy in Dubai. We’ve got him on the wait list. After some late night calls, feeling hopeful. Lots of options, found our best one. Just have to mail some stuff over.


Reading with the boys has never been so fun as it in this stage! They all enjoy it!


3 responses

  1. I love your boys so much!! This post makes me miss them all. I just want to cuddle up with Royal!! He is darling!!!!!

    Love you guys!

  2. I like the artwork–it seems like a real advantage to have someone else organize a few arts n crafts projects–once in a awhile! Glad to see Royal getting an early start on his book learning! Very active family!

  3. We are having an afternoon carrots&hummus snack…and I thought of the picture of Jude…pulled it up to show the girls & adelie smiled (huge smile!) and said ‘oh! that Jude-ee is funny!!!!’


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