Unlce Tanner is in Town!

IMG_923625 April 2013     Officially, sleep overs with family are so fun! If anyone wants to come visit you are MORE than welcome. The boys LOVE it. My goodness they are having such a blast. Jude might have jumped head first off the aero bed tonight, but other than that nothing has gotten too out of hand yet. Tanner flew in yesterday and we’ve been taking him to our favorite spots. Tanner has actually spent very little time down here in Southern California.


It was cloudy this morning, so we went to South Coast for a while. The boys love riding the carousel! After it was beautiful, so we walked through balboa and got a Balboa Bar, Jude got a frozen banana, and Finn picked out a hippo cookies. Literally, the cookies in the bakery are hippos!

IMG_9042IMG_9065I had an artichoke and mussels for dinner at Bear Flag tonight. Surprisingly, Jude loved the mussels. I think he just loved opening them up and pulling out the insides. The heart of the artichoke -wow unreals. The only thing that was missing… a little melted salted butter. I love butter.


Jude eating mussels, he ate like seven of them!





Love getting a few fun pictures at the beach. The scene tonight largely looked liked this – Finn unable to keep his shorts up. Struggs! Jude face first jumping off the ledge. Sandy! Royal, has wanted to be on the breast, A LOT today. I love that you can barely see Royal’s face peeking out! Guffaws all around tonight!



IMG_9202IMG_9188IMG_9119IMG_9222 IMG_9252 IMG_9169 IMG_9164 IMG_9172IMG_9177IMG_9149 IMG_9135IMG_9254 IMG_9134IMG_9171 IMG_9102IMG_9217IMG_9256

4 responses

  1. So fun…wonderful post….gorgeous pictures; so fun to see these after a long week. Makes me feel like I am the luckiest man on the earth!~
    Love it all but the exposed crack, face plants and crystal cove sunset—amazing family!

    Thank you for sharing…..can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!!!

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