Dig a Hole!

IMG_928926 April 2013          We had a great beach day with Tanner. Highlight – playing in this big hole. Finn and Jude kept jumping in – it was fun. They were great, not running away.

IMG_9296IMG_9304Royal James loved sitting in this chair. So did Jude! So, it is very late. It was an eventful, eventful day. Beach day, therapy with Jude 8am, ABA therapy too, and we got a baby sitter tonight! We went out to Laguna Beach and went to probably THE BEST restaurant around. Las Brisas. Expensive, but some of the best food you will ever have. Seafood, mexican.

IMG_9314IMG_9313IMG_9327IMG_9349Thank you TD for the iphone shot. Unreals

That’s right, scallops, prawn, lobster tail, crab, and a small fillet of halibut. Las Brisas is where it’s at!

-1IMG_9302IMG_9329We got to Las Brisas at sunset and watched the sun dip over the bay. The boys love Jocelyn our baby sitter. Jude literally bawled when she left, cried! Saying,’No, No, No!’ It was late, but they played hard the whole time. When we left for our date she asked, ‘Will Royal James be attending the date tonight?’ I tried not to completely chuckle out loud, but it was the sweetest thing. Tanner has been throwing out all these nick names, and Mr Finn has been like, ‘No, his name is Royal James.’ I joked with Tan, yes – more sophistication from a three year old. No RJ for now.


Thanks for all your kind comments on the blog guys! They always mean so much. I am a tired bird. Thankfully I’m used to just knocking out these blog posts quick, but after a very long night, it takes a little more discipline doing the blog. I KNEW I had to post when I got this in my e-mail. Today Finn had preschool, he goes M,W,F. Today was picture day. I got an e-mail with a zip file with a downloadable picture labeled’ Mr Finn’. Again, I do not tell his teachers or mentors that’s his name! It cracks me up. Photo for Mr_Finn_Miller. Finn’s first school picture – preschool


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  1. I don’t know if there has ever been a little boy more handsome than Mr. Finn! He is SO darling. That picture is amazing. What a fun weekend with Tanner! PS– I think Tanner looks like Jude! Their face shape is different, but their eyes remind me SO much of one another! I couldn’t comment on your last post, but that candid shot of you and Ryan (and Royal) is AAAAAMAZING!! It belongs in a magazine. Or somewhere. Love you, Heather! Have fun in Utah this week!

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