We Made It!

27   April 2013  We are in Utah! Ryan has finals next week, always really intense. Last set of law school finals ever, hooray!! My family has been excited about us visiting, and this seemed like a good time with Tanner coming into town and then being able to head to Utah with him to help me onto the plane. It’s late here, as you can imagine flying, and then partying downtown and then running around the house – this will be short. I have to get up early tomorrow, it’s so fun to be here. My mom put some new wood floors into her house so I’ve been excited to see how some of updates turned out!

After my dad picked us up from the airport we went over to City Creek and ate at Cheesecake factory. They have these pot stickers that are incredible. 


IMG_9378 IMG_9381 IMG_9369 IMG_9365
IMG_9356 IMG_9354 IMG_9351 IMG_9372Jude got Maximus the horse from Tangled. He LOVES him! He keeps giving him kisses. Poor Jude, he’s really having a hard time going to bed here tonight. Oh phew, Tanner just walked in. I guess he sang to him for like 20 minutes and he finally went to sleep. I don’t know why he was having such a hard time! He does not want to sleep. He is so excited to be here. They know the toys here and just want to stay up all night playing! Oh boy, we are going to have a fun four days while Ryan is home studying for finals. 

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  1. Thanks for posting these photos – miss and love you guys! Great to see Jude with Maximus – help him may horse sounds!

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