Our Week in Utah

IMG_9382 30  April 2013

Our trip here has been so much fun, coming to Utah always feels exhausting to be honest. We are always going so fast. I’ve gotten better at trying to slow things down, but not quite well enough yet. Mr Finn is going to be so disheartened when we go back home. He is on cloud 9 here. He loves being with his Gigi, playing in the gym, going to ride the horse at Provo Beach. All the things we do here regularly. The weather has been beautiful. We have a lot of fun going and getting dinner together and enjoying the cool Utah evenings. Mason is great at always playing with my boys. Thank you, thank you!

IMG_9384 Eating dinner at Bajio last night. 
IMG_9389 IMG_9390 Caught, red handed. Mr Finn snuck this toy out of Blickenstaffs the toy store. He almost made it all the way to the car when we noticed the site above. He told me on the way home, ‘But Mom, picking out a new toy is so much fun.’IMG_9403 King James is really coming to life. When I put the boys down to bed at night my mom and dad will take Royal James, and every night my mom says I walk away and he turns into tiger man. Extremely upset. He loves watching the Bee movie. My parents will just hold him up to watch all the colors and he stops screaming. Cheri, we’ll have to remember that for when he gets upset. He loves him mom 🙂IMG_9423
Go, Gigi, Go! My mom has been transitioning the house to give it a more contemporary look – put in some new floors and is having the family room painted. She really can get stuff done. It’s impressive. IMG_9427 IMG_9450 IMG_9456IMG_9460 IMG_9465 IMG_9472 Provo Beach was a blast, like always. I needed this fun outing. Jude has not quite been his best self to say the least. He’s coming out of it, but goodness gracious. My brother Tanner left me a nice note this morning, it started something along the lines of, ‘Just laying in bed it’s 11 o’clock here and I can hear the boys screaming and your patient voice. You inspire me with your kindness and energy’. It made my day,  really. It brightened my spirits. After being at my house for a few days he has gotten a feel of my life, and being here Jude has been off his game. It was kind of him.IMG_9482 IMG_9488 IMG_9503
The colors looked weird in this photo – thus the B&W. Finn’s hair! Oh my!
IMG_9519 IMG_9528 IMG_9533 IMG_9540 Jude cut his chin pretty bad flying out of the slide face first at the park. IMG_9549 Tonight I actually had success putting the boys to sleep because I let them do an extra hour running around the gym before bed. IMG_9565 Watching the Bee Movie, while I put the boys the bed. Sometimes I look at Royal and think to myself… hmmmmm I wonder what trouble you’ll be causing me young one. IMG_9593 IMG_9584Jude had fun looking at Gigi’s interior design magazines. Finally, night time. Quick favorite moment from the day – we ate at Malawis tonight, this pizza and pasta place. They have this gluten free fusili pasta and gluten free red sauce and Jude loved it. He ate so much. All of the sudden at dinner we looked over and he was slumped in his high chair covered with red sauce all over his face and sweater. He literally looked like he was about to unleash a large burp. The site literally brought a hysterical laugh out of my mouth. It was great. 

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