Graduation Dinner Cruise


3  May 2013

The graduation festivities begin! Way to go Ryan! Ryan has his graduation ceremony  a week from today- so his parents flew into town. We got a baby sitter last night and really had a party. Petes really brought his A game, and initiated a really fun night on the town. Quite impressed…. Way to think outside the box. We went on a dinner cruise around Newport Harbor! What a blast!


 Grandma Cindy and I must have been on the same wave length because we both wore the same colors, as did Ryan and Petes. 



Royal James was along for the party as well and did really well. We had an incredible meal, I especially loved my salmon and the toasting portion of our evening. We all did a round of toasts, I will always remember the kind words shared.  It was so thoughtful of Cindy and Peter to give us such a special evening. I especially love food, you can never go wrong with Hb when food is in the agenda. It was a three hour cruise – and they drove very slow around the harbor. No sea sickness, the company we went with was called ‘Hornblower Cruises’. For all you Hornblower fans, I was pretty excited about that. They had dancing, and a great DJ. We did a little dancing at the end, we found a quiet, comfortable area that we could talk downstairs. 

IMG_9689IMG_9642IMG_9674We ended the night getting a beautiful chocolate covered strawberry. It was a well done dinner cruise. It was Pete and Cindy’s first dinner cruise as well, I think they will be going on more dinner cruises in MN. It was a success. Quick flash to earlier in the day. We got Cafe Rio take out, and took them to our favorite park below the canyon. It was a nice long walk, it gave us a great chance to catch up.

IMG_9595IMG_9609Cindy and Peter flew into John Wayne – direct flight from Minneapolis! How money is that! Way to spring for the great flight Cindy, they had tons of energy off the flight even though they had to leave Blue Lake at 6am.

Finn napped in the stroller – observe Mr. in the far left of the picture.

IMG_9616IMG_9614IMG_9599Peek-A-Boo I see you Bompa Petes!

Thanks for a great night Grandma Cindy, and Petes! It was a great success. We got home really late, and Finn was aslelep in his bed, Jude and their babysitter Jocelyn were out cold in the top bunk. It took my like 15 minutes to wake her up. The boys can really wear a person out!

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