Catalina Island

11  May 2013 

Just got home from Catalina Island. Had the best adventure that we’ve had in years! Wanted to get this post up yesterday while we were there – but couldn’t quite get it to you. Here are some pictures of our time at Catalina over the last two days. IMG_9870For a graduation gift I gave Ryan a scuba dive. He loves scuba diving, that is seriously some of the best adventure you could possibly have on this earth! It was our first cold water dive. The kelp forest on Catalina Island was amazing! Happy Graduation Cheri!! So incredibly proud of you. It worked out great because Peter and Cindy were on the island and were able to watch the boys for us. It only took me 15 minutes to equalize my ears to 20 feet – struggs HB! I was rusty diving, but it all came back. Once I equalized, buoyancy was great. We had a great time. So did the boys, Mr Finn’s favorite phrase over the last two days: ‘This is great!’

IMG_9753This was our favorite spot on the island. We went there both days and let the boys just throw rocks. Great time! So many fun moments of the trip. I will try to document as much as I can now. Royal is having a hard time, we were actually in the Emergency Room in the middle of the night the morning we left for Catalina. His breathing has been horrible at night, I think he either isn’t responding well to the formula I tried to give him for the first time, or he has bronchiolitis again. Hopefully not RSV.

IMG_9751IMG_9747IMG_9764Getting fitted for our dive! What a neat dive shop. The Mayor of Catalina actually owns the shop, really great people!

Thanks Cindy for all the great help with the boys over the last two days. We are really a lot to handle, and Bompa Petes and Cindy did a great job. They were there for three days without us. They went para sailing, and diving as well. Cindy loves to dive too. They are very young at heart. IMG_9811Lots of diving pictures, Petes played paparazzi for me. Lots of fun photos!

IMG_9831IMG_9901Steve’s Steak House. What a neat restaurant overlooking the water, we sat next to these sailors who are heading out to race their sail boat in the Encinatas race this weekend. They gave Ryan this sweet hat, their boat is called Cheerio II. They are shooting to win this year. Fun conversation, travel 300 miles for a 12 mile race.

IMG_9906I’m trying to break up some of these diving pictures… the visibility was great on our dive. My favorite part aside from all the sweet fish was probably being able to touch everything! It was just such an incredible sensory experience.

IMG_9783IMG_9790IMG_9896IMG_9839Finn rode his Strider bike all over Catalina. He loves that bike, what would do without that thing? It’s such a great way for him to move around!

IMG_9848So fun! Words cannot fully describe just how fun it is!

IMG_9872-10 IMG_9794IMG_9707 IMG_9724I’m a day behind on the blog, even though I took my computer out there and tried to work on it. I have my dearest friend Haley’s wedding tomorrow. Hooray! But I have another large Catalina post to do. Many more epic pictures, but this will do for now. Thank you Grandma Cindy and Bompa Petes for bringing us out for two days!

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  1. Hey, the scuba pictures look great! Bet you didn’t get photos like that on your scuba adventure in India! So, I have to give a shout out to Catalina Island–easy to get to, relatively inexpensive (during the off-season), with a relaxing, low-keyed feel. They have cruise ships coming in a couple of times a week, so they have sufficient entertainment options (and we enjoyed a few of them!). I’d go back! Glad R n H could come over for the day!

    • Thank you, Petes & Cindy, for the scuba pictures! We really had a blast, although we could’ve stayed down longer if Ryan wouldn’t have been sucking so much air! The whole Catalina experience was just so wonderful. First day of bar study is behind us – we’ll be looking at this post a lot in the next two months I think (especially Ryan) to remember how great it was!

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