On A Submarine

13  May 2013

Yesterday was Ryan’s graduation from law school! What an amazing day, it was an incredible week. We have been partying hard. Tomorrow bar prep stars for Ryan so we are still set in grind mode but it has been such a fun week. Peter and Cindy left back to Minnesota this morning, what a successful trip. This was the first time we’ve had both of them out at the same time since we’ve moved to California, I didn’t know what to expect having both of them out here. I can’t believe those two are in their 50’s. I thought for sure they would crash – I’m serious guys, it was a fun but quite exhausting week! Even Ryan said, “Man, I’m impressed!” I have a lot of blog material, but before I move on I have a few more pictures from our Catalina adventure! We went on an underwater boat tour! It was unreals. High, seeing this rare and endangered blue sea bass that weighed at least 400 lbs. It was HUGE! HUGE! When it passed the window everyone yelled! I wasn’t quite able to get a picture. But you get the sense from a few of these that there were a lot of fish to see. Needless to say this one hour boat tour was a total hit for everyone – especially the boys. -11IMG_9971IMG_9954IMG_9956IMG_9985IMG_9907IMG_9940You get the sense, fun outing. It is the perfect time of year to go to Catalina.

IMG_9995Quick snap shot of our little Norwegian, Jude climbing up to see the view. We saw a good sized shark on our way back to Avalon from the Casino. We watched him just swim in and out of the kelp for five minutes. I guess you don’t typically see sharks often because they don’t like kelp. They get stuck in it.

IMG_9740 IMG_9737 IMG_9736 IMG_9750There’s Peter and Cindy out para sailing! I told you they were young at heart!

IMG_9990 IMG_9759

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  1. Yes, we’re in our 50s..with me being closer to 60–but still hanging in their and very grateful that the nursing home allowed us to be out and away for an entire week!

    But I will admit that the para sailing kicked my butt–I could never get comfortable being up so high with no visible means of support. Mom really enjoyed it…I held on!

    Just to minimize the envy factor, the submarine wasn’t really a submarine–and it didn’t go under water…we did. But it was really cool, seeing the marine life from below sea level–obviously lots of fishies.

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