Mrs. Haley Johnson


14   May 2013

My dearest friend Haley got married over the weekend. She got married Saturday in the LA temple. I have been looking forward to Haley’s wedding for years, wondering who that special person would be that would be so lucky to marry Haley. She is amazing. After the ceremony some incredibly tasty box lunches were provided. You know the Frames, food is always involved! She too married a great guy from Minnesota! We like Tucker a lot.



The Frames inspire me with their friendships. Once you are a friend with a Frame, you are friends for life. There were so many people there that just love them. Haley with her bridesmaids. Haley’s flowers were so pretty, they reminded me so much of the food she loves to cooks. Her reception was so beautiful. We had such a fun time partying, I didn’t even manage to take any pictures.

IMG_0030IMG_0053After the ceremony we went and ate lunch with Cory and a few other of Ryan’s friends that just happened to be in town. They took us to this great pizza place called, 800 degrees. I had this amazing mushroom truffle pizza with garlic and arugula. Yum! Cory had been in Australia visiting his sister Christi in Perth last week and was still sporting his sweet beard. Royal James was so good up in LA! Big weekend going up and back, but we sure did have a lot of fun.


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