The Graduate

IMG_066318   May 2013

Mr Finn graduated law school! Haha, no – but he sure will make a cute graduate someday! That special day came, that special day that I have thought about for the last several years happened Sunday afternoon. Ryan graduated. Ryan finally finished his JD/MBA program, hooray! I say finally like it has taken him a long time… when in all reality he has finished in record time. He crammed those classes together tight: summer school, internships, intercession courses, study abroad, and satellite courses at Pepperdine all added up to meaning Ryan is done. It’s all payed off, he’s managed to graduate almost an entire year early. He actually graduated with his entering class! While they did their JD’s, Ryan did his JD and his MBA program at the same time. It was exhausting. I’ll also throw in having two babies while in school, too! Jude was born the day after his first finals, and Royal was born over Thanksgiving. Life with Ryan truly is an adventure. I love my life with him so much!

IMG_0655The above photo really says a lot. I think we’ll both cherish it. When we were dating (already madly in love), Ryan said he was going to do a JD/MBA. It’s been a long and sometimes crazy road, but here we are – all five of us made it!

IMG_0674 - Version 2IMG_0736Having Ryan’s parents out for graduation was so much fun. It literally could not have been better. I joked that his program was worth it just so we could party all week with them. Between our graduation dinner cruise, our little over-nighter at Catalina, and the day up in LA for graduation it was fun, fun fun.

IMG_0091What a great picture! What an amazing memory for me! Royal James was, truth be told, fuss fuss during the ceremony. It was a beautiful event, great speakers, fun atmosphere, but man reading those names can really take awhile! Ryan’s best friend from BYU Cory came out for the ceremony – thanks Cor. So fun to have him a part of it. Commencement was at the Shrine Auditorium at USC (formerly the home of the Academy Awards). This was the only time Ryan has attended a commencement ceremony for himself.

IMG_0107IMG_0160IMG_0085Ryan was THE LAST person to be called. They do the JD/MBA students last. He was one of three, and he was last. It was cool – a little surreal, a little emotional. Ryan joked that he wishes he could sink to the bottom of a pool and just sit there and figure it all out (for those of you who have seen the old ‘The Graduate’ film), but he’s just joking – he’s thrilled to be done, and he’s got the near future pretty well planned (don’t hold your breath – there will be blog posts!).


IMG_0117Ryan’s best mentor at law school,  Molly Selvin. She has been absolutely wonderful from before Ryan even set foot on campus. He will miss her. Such a kind woman.

IMG_0097IMG_0140Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_0151 -12Cory represented via Grandma Cindy’s iPhone. Thank you Cindy. Didn’t snag Cor in all the fuss fuss with Royal James. Cory even shaved that very well grown beard for the occasion!

We ate a place called ‘Water Grill’ for lunch in downtown. It was exceptional. Oh my, that’s our miso soup you see there along with some scallop ceviche, mussels, and Bompa Petes and Cindy had clam chowder. Oh, and that was just to start. We got spoiled. There’s no denying that Hb loves sea food. Their logo was a sea horse. What a fun memory! We had left the boys with some of our great friends here in the area. Royal was so good for me during lunch. It was an eventful week for him, ER visit, Catalina adventure, all day up in LA for Hay’s wedding, then graduation. Always sleeping on the go. He wasn’t even that hard, just not quite himself by the end. Now that things have slowed down he’s back to his extremely smiley self.

IMG_0178IMG_0169I got Prawns. Yes that’s butter. Yum, butter.

IMG_0181IMG_0188It was actually a very well-lit restaurant. Lower light situations are so tricky for me to photograph!

IMG_0187Ryan was in heaven – done with law school, eating seafood (his favorite), having family with him in LA after going there every day alone, driving everywhere (instead of taking the train and subway!), looking at sailing maps on the wall ( a substantial sailing adventure is inevitable for us someday – he’s set his mind to it) – a great afternoon! Oh, and he had his favorite dish, seared ahi tuna.  IMG_0214IMG_0268 IMG_0249Royal James investigates “the stacks.” The law library really was something to see. Nice to see where my husband has been all these long days and not a few long nights. That place is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. IMG_0196 IMG_0242Little-known fact for those who haven’t spent much time in a law library – they are full (I mean hundreds of thousands) of old books! This one he randomly picked up – from the early 1800s! IMG_0263 IMG_0252Oh, happy day!

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  1. This post is full of such great pictures!! I love the top one. That really says a lot! Also, I love the ones of Finn in Ryan’s robes. We are so proud of both of you! I can’t imagine all the studying and hard work you’ve done Ryan. And Heather, you’ve done so much at home while he has worked! We love you guys, and we’re excited to see how things play out in the next year.

  2. Great pictures. Really like the one with the three boys. What an impressive story you two are writing! Wow! Dad M

  3. Okay…and the ones with Finn and the graduation robes are really cute also. And…Heather, you’re looking sweet in all the pictures as well!

  4. I’m so so so so so happy for you guys!! So impressive, I really can’t say that enough. Heather–you are incredible. You never cease to amaze! WAY TO GO RYAN!! Those boys are so lucky to have you two. Can’t wait to hear your latest plans, I’m dying!! When do you leave? We’d love to have you guys over sometime! Let’s plan it. I’ll even have Emily coach me on a casein/gluten free diet friendly meal 🙂

  5. The pictures are priceless! These need to go on the Brockbank Boards for Sure. I can’t get over them…Adorable. What a memorable day. Peter and Cindy you two are looking mighty fine yourselves. So proud of the Miller Family. Love you All

  6. What a magnificent day and incredible accomplishment for both of you! So proud of you both! Wonderful pictures! So glad we could enjoy them vicariously!

  7. Heather and Ryan, you did it! Ryan with the 3 boys needs to be on the cover of People magazine. That is what we are all striving for!
    So proud of you !!!!!!
    aunt EIleen

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