Memorial Weekend

IMG_0539  22  May 2013

All week before memorial weekend Newport Beach puts up flags all around the upper back bay for everyone that has been lost in war from the area. I was amazed at how many flags there were. I didn’t even capture the length of flags wrapping around the back of the bay. Finn rode his bike around and kept saying, “There are so many flags!” My grandparents live just around the corner so they came out for the flag walk. They have been looking forward to this all year. It’s a great thing. It was a beautiful day, whenever we are down in Newport beach it’s a little painful to think about the fact that this is our last summer in So Cal for a while. It’s just incredible.

IMG_0479IMG_0516Baby Royal James! Baby Royal James is NOT sleeping so well! He had to cry it out for the first time last night. He has a lot of  spirit! 59 minutes later we gave in, round two tonight! Wish me luck! Sure love this little man, he’s been a little hard on his mother lately. He just loves being glued to my body.

IMG_0522Mr Finn is in his last week of preschool. Today we went to the farm, we came back with a lot of veggies. Photos to come. I”m still a day behind! Ah!

IMG_0519Oh yeah, party with Grandma’s walker. I’ll admit, lacking a little bit of self awareness – it took me like two occasions to finally notice that Finn had been pushing Grandma’s walker down the hill and then she pulled it up. It was a small incline but when I finally connected the dots of what he was doing I was like, ‘Ah! No Mr! Don’t push Grandma’s walker down the hill!'” Jude had a different approach with the walker. How about you push in this little seat Grandma!!

IMG_0550IMG_0507IMG_0511Our joke around the house lately with Jude is we tell him, ‘English Jude! English! He just chatters all day in complete gibber! Occasionally he will have real words, he’s always jabbered but I am talking hard core gibberish. He’s just a chatterbox with his own sounds! But when we actually tell him,”English Jude!” He’ll actually try to say one real word.  IMG_0542Probably not the most appropriate time to be wrestling, but they were having so much fun running and tackling each other in the long grass. IMG_0501IMG_0521IMG_0555

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  1. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Beautiful park, great tribute with the flags. Glad to see the grandparents out and about! Hope Royal is back to better sleeping patterns. BP

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