Strawberry Picking

IMG_076127   May 2013 Finn wrapped up his Spring Semester of pre-school, he is already asking to go back. He’ll go back the fist week of June. The program he is with is called Tiny Tots in Irvine for all you local friends. They’ve been doing it fore 35 years, we’ve liked it.

On Finn’s last day of school we went to Tanaka Farms. We had a great time. Finn loved tasting all the vegetables they pulled out of the ground, they had all the kids taste test. It even got me more excited about vegetables. I came home and made our favorite kale salad, Finn even ate his bowl of salad. After looking at all the kale leaves he was excited to eat it.

IMG_0804Our loot post farm visit. Amazing, gorgeous huge kale bushel .99. The carrots were so sweet. They had a veggie stand to buy fresh produce out of. The woman doing the tour told the kids they had to try everything. She pulled a sweet onion and bit right into straight faced an all. She ate the roots, I couldn’t keep back a small cringe. It was fun for mom, Finn and our little strawberry picker in training – Royal James!

IMG_0758IMG_0770Mr. Finn’s teacher Jen. She’s off to Turkey and Greece for the summer, so she won’t be there next session. Too bad, Finn loved her. As you can imagine, Mr. had strawberry all down his shirt!


IMG_0774IMG_0802My heart isn’t quite in this post tonight. There has been a lot of this (above) going on. My little Norwegian Jude has been hard on his mother. He’s been sick, and when he’s sick the little communication he does seems like it just disappears. (Sigh) It’s a discouraging feeling when your best efforts are just not getting you to where you want to be!  I think we all relate to that.

IMG_0793Last night we went and enjoyed a picnic on the beach. Cory drove down from LA, and I finally got to meet their friend Liz Jackson from BYU, and her husband. It was a fun night, I actually cooked! It was tasty.

IMG_0807The boys were good, we flew the air hog on the beach after. It took a bad crash in the waves and is now drying in the kitchen caked with super glue. I didn’t play paparazzi much.


2 responses

  1. Fun picking…..I remember you doing this with Gigi in Oregon just like this…..but blackberries. Beautiful!

  2. Those veggies look so delicious! What do you do with your Kale Heath? Those boys are so dang cute, I can’t get over it. Hang in there. They are so lucky to have such an incredible mama. I can’t believe how much Finn is starting to look like Ryan, especially with those glasses on! They are like total twiners! Love you missy:)

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