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29 May 2013     I just wanted to touch base with you, and fill in some of the cracks on the blog. A lot of random material that has slipped through the cracks that are a little more representative of day to day life. I’m hanging in there, I’ve reached a new point of what I would call ‘letting go’ a little bit. I don’t feel so wound up all the time about the bar. Kind of a ‘Come What May’ attitude if you’re catching my drift. Been exercising as much as I can, heaven knows running is pretty much the best anti-depressant around. Ryan has been making it a priority to get out too. It’s been saving me with Royal Jame really being bizarre with his sleep. Ryan and I have been hunkered in our closet every night for the last week and last night we tried sleeping on Finn’s bed with him on the couch. (I won’t say how small, but our place is tight) Tonight WILL be better!

IMG_0001IMG_0285Finn wanted to wear Dad’s glasses. It’s fun being able to read books with all of them. Although Royal James seems to be the only one really digging the ‘orange elephant’.

IMG_0631Royal James, ‘squeak squeakity squeaker!’ That’s what I always tell him when he cries! It’s like an ugh, ugh, ugh. Not even a wail. Although crying it out has shown me that the kid has some pipes. He had us wondering there for a while.

IMG_0284We are in one of those weeks where it’s like ‘get things done’. It feels good but isn’t always ‘fun’. I got the boys’ passport applications filled out. If any of you ever need to get passports for your kids, by this point I am nearly an expert. I’ve gotten my babies passports, in and out of the US. If you’re thinking, ‘Oh I can see Ryan being all into that!’ unfortunately this has somehow been an HB thing. I think I deserved it, after showing up to the airport for a flight to Canada with no passports for my kids. Take it from me, birth certificate don’t work 😉 don’t trust the web!

IMG_0468 - Version 2Jude, you’re okay. What can I say? When you’re sick you are a bit insufferable. I’m glad you’re feeling better. We love you so much.IMG_0387IMG_0293Finn made himself a little bed in his toy bin. He insisted on staying in there for a few minutes. He ended up falling asleep and we moved him into his bed. Classic Mr.IMG_0749Going under the bed! Royal James, seems to- for some reason- always ends up under the bed or couch! I don’t remember either of the boys doing this, but no exaggeration – I went out for a run and when I came back Ryan told me that Royal had gone ‘missing’ and he finally found him fussing completely under the boys bunk beds. Quote from Cheri “He was very happy when I got him out!” Men…. Sorry Cheri, but of course he ends ALL the way under the bed when I’m gone 😉

And…. if this post wasn’t random enough. For the Grandma’s. Jude sporting Grandma Cindy’s reading glasses, and Mr Finn asleep in Gigi’s bed.

IMG_9694 IMG_9594

IMG_0357 IMG_0531

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  1. For me, Finn in the basket is the classic shot! Will check back in a decade or so. Sounds like Heather has the international travel thing down–while Royal has only learned how to travel to the shadows of the bunk bed. Busy, busy life. Love you guys.

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