“You Can’t Catch Me”

Today Finn learned how to ride a bike.

IMG_10228 June 2013       Now I have to preface, I know Finn is only three. Most parents probably wouldn’t want their three year old capable of riding a bike this young, (too likely they’d bike too far ahead) but Finn really is unique. For one, he actually listens. Secondly, it’s just not his nature to want to run away. We have been taking evening walks since he was born. He knows what we expect of him, which is to stay with us when we walk and listen. So we felt comfortable upgrading him from the Strider. With that said, we thought it would take a while to learn. We were shocked after ten minutes when it was clear, ‘oh man we’re really doing this!’ I mean, Finn really hadn’t any real experience pedaling.

IMG_1058By the end of the night, when I would walk behind him in case he wanted me close I was running. He loved the feeling of me behind me he would yell, “Mom you can’t catch me!” Truth be told, yes I could… obviously, but he really felt free. The best part of today, you wouldn’t believe how happy Mr Finn was. Let’s rehash the day.

By the way, we haven’t intentionally been trying to get here fast. It just sort of happened… Finn has been riding his Strider bike lately – I’ll be honest – like a batt out of hell. I’m embarrassed to admit that we didn’t even have a helmet that fit him.  I mean the kid just rips it, we knew he needed a real bike, and a good helmet.

IMG_0914The bike weighs at least three times as much as his Strider bike does. It started out, as you would expect a little shaky. Ryan held it while he pedaled and he quickly figured out how to pedal. He already knew how to balance. The Strider really is the way to go, once he figured out that he had to keep pedaling so he wouldn’t tip over he was golden. Ryan has been studying a lot, as we all know. But come Saturday I just want a moment to talk, when I’m not struggling to keep my eyes open. So we got a baby sitter and grabbed some lunch together it was great. Jocelyn came over, Finn and Jude were in heaven, and mom was in heaven. Getting ready to chomp into my divine grilled chicken goat cheese sandwich. If you live by a Whole Foods, try it – it does not disappoint. Make sure they grill it for you!

IMG_0967IMG_0968Finn wanted to be on his bike all day long. It was so cute, if he got nervous and had to stop he would quickly say. ‘Let’s Try again!’

IMG_0920Then, truth be told. We came back and somehow Finn and convinced Jocelyn that he knew how to ride the bike well and he got her to take her down to ride the bike more. So by an hour or two later we came back and he was making turns all by himself. It seriously cracked me up. He is still a little unsure starting and stopping, breaking will take sometime. He was a riot today. I tried to give him kisess and he said, “MOM! No kisses, I am a big boy on a big bike. No kisses!” While Dad taught Finn for a few minutes I sat in the back of the car with Royal and Jude. We ate peaches and watched. It was a lot of fun.

IMG_0922Royal made some funny faces watching Finn on his bike. Jude is working at the Strider. He is coming along, he’ll get there. Jude can actually take his own shoes off. We have been working on that for quite some time. It’s nice to see some progress with his motor skills. Jude wants to learn how to ride the bike so bad. It’s so inspiring to see him just walking the bike along so slow. Oh he’s a special boy.

IMG_0924IMG_0925Have you liked my life size photos of Royal James? Seriously though, it’s like you could take him right off the screen.

You can see the sparkle in his eye. He’s loving life.

The funniest moment of the day was probably on our way home, when Finn went a little bit ahead and passed this nice Asian family we see all the time. They have two dogs, and there were four adults. We couldn’t hear what he was saying, but Finn slowed down, talked to them, and kept going. When we passed them, they were all laughing. “He just slowed down and said – “what’s his name?” (looking at the dog)  and kept riding like it was nothing!” They thought it was hilarious, and it really was pretty funny.IMG_1032 IMG_1025 IMG_1041 IMG_1052We walked to the “train park,” and put on at least 3 miles on that bike today – I think Finn will be sleeping good tonight! I forgot to mention that we got the helmet last night, and after their tub time Finn and Jude somehow ended up on the bathroom counter, in the butt nude, trading turns wearing the helmet and smiling at themselves in the mirror with it on. We probably could have gotten away with not buying the bike and just getting the helmet, come to think of it.

IMG_0954IMG_0971Ryan hasn’t had much time to spend with us, but the time he has had he’s really made it quality time. The boys fly the air hog every spare minute they can. This poor air hog has been super glued three times. It got smashed by a wave, hit by car (no exaggeration) and stuck in multiple trees. Finn named it ‘Finn Lincoln’ after himself. He also requested a rhinoceroses to be drawn on it.  Air Hogs – greatest toy ever.



6 responses

  1. That is so fun! I never thought about how the Strider would make it so much easier to transition into riding a regular bike without training wheels. Way to go, Finn!

    I love hearing about the progress you are making with Jude. I can really imagine him watching Finn and wanting to try the Strider.

    What a nice drawing Ryan did of that Rhinoceros! Sweet!

    I will have to plan a time to come out there. They are growing up so fast!!

  2. Will be back for another comment, but while in Chicago this week I took in the main stage act at Second City comedy club. In the midst of their performance they made a quip about this being an era that will never be outdone by people taking pictures of their food before it is eaten! They were talking about you guys!! pjm

  3. SO, so impressed by Mr. Finn on the two-wheeler! Great choice with the helmet, now go get one for Jude. Seriously, he’s coming up soon on the Strider. Also glad to remember Ryan’s artistic talent. Maybe someday, when you aren’t studying every minute, you will sketch for relaxation. I hope so.
    Royal is so expressive! And look at the little cowlick (sp?) on his forehead! Just like mom!
    Miss those little guys so much! HB, thanks for introducing me to rosemary crackers from Trader Joe’s with goat cheese!
    Mmmmmmm! Love this post! Mom

  4. What a great day! I am sure you’ll remember this for a long time! It is amazing that Finn can ride that bike at such a young age. It’s a joy to hear that he loved it so much. Hopefully he’ll still give you an occasional kiss! Hey, and how about that artwork on the airhog? Can’t crash that bomber anymore! Glad you guys were able to get out on a short lunch date! ttfn

  5. Can’t believe he is already riding a bike… seriously. Loved all the bikes photos, and then BAM a sandwich photo hah. Looks delish

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