We’re Going to Be Okay

IMG_109112  June, 2013 Oh happy day, it’s nine o’clock all the boys are asleep and I am tucked in my bed working on the blog. Oh I’m happy. This has to be one of my favorite feelings. Toady I had that strong feeling that we’re going to be okay, I’m sure you can relate, some days you just stress and other times you just know it will be okay. Figuring out how to get through this summer hasn’t been easy. I have been running more and I’m finally genuinely excited to run more. I’m finally back there, back to when you go out on a run it’s fun, and it feels good to breathe hard. I don’t know why it took me so long this last time around to really enjoy it. It was just hard to get consistent enough.

IMG_1106It was this cute girls birthday on Sunday! The McDonalds were nice enough to spend their Sunday evening with us, they are moving to Montana at the end of the month. Travis just finished his residency and is doing one more year of specializing. It was great to be able to hang out with them a little more. Finn especially loves Jessica. He cracks me up, he loves the ladies. We ate food, flew the air hog, chatted as much as we could with three babies around!

IMG_1068IMG_1107IMG_1096 IMG_1102 IMG_1092IMG_1064My friend Jessica is a professional photographer, she’s quite talented and somehow has escaped giving me pointers! Finn is a ham, despite the intimidating company I was pulling out the camera. I can’t resist.  It’s usually close.

The boys haven’t been getting naps the last few days, oh man lots of this going around after four o’clock. Silliness!

IMG_1121We’re doing great here. Ryan is next to me working on his MPRE questions, after this I’ll be looking at my new Women’s Health app on the iPad (magazines really ARE fun on the iPad, this is a first for me!) or finishing ‘The God Who Weeps’. I have a long list of books I want to read this summer so I have to start cranking. I want to read the Power of Habit next, and I’ve got an awesome book to read for a book club – Enchanted April in a few weeks. I figure if I can go on some runs, read some fun books, and do a picnic at the beach on Sunday with friends it’s pretty hard to beat that. Looked at just two or three old blog posts from two years ago, great reminder that amongst all our therapy for Jude I need to just play with him for the sake of playing without any therapeutic exercise in mind. Childhood…. find some more fun Hb!

IMG_1124Flash back shot: my take away,  lighthearted. Love my little Norwegian! Hb, try to get back there, light hearted! The future is bright.


9 responses

  1. That picture of Finn and Jude holding hands…that flashback of you and Jude!! Oh my, yes, you are going to be okay! Love getting a glimpse. You are one amazing mama.

    • Abby! You are the best. I’m always clicking on your blog. Talk about wanting a glimpse, I would LOVE more glimpses of your life. Ryan and I are always saying, “Abby is the coolest!”Four kids, I wish I could wake up with you and go on one of your sweet road biking adventures. Andy’s dental video was SAWEET – I wish he could be our dentist 😦 If you ever want to change things up we’ll be in Dubai!

  2. Well, of course, you’ll be okay! You’re more often on the path of thriving than surviving! Life is a series of ebbs and flows–this summer looks like it will be an uphill portion of the journey; you’ll get through it (especially if Finn agrees to start sharing kisses again!). You guys are great!

  3. One of your best qualities is how self-aware you are. You are going to be alright, of course — but especially because you are so aware of yourself and your thoughts and feelings. I am glad you’re getting to do some things for yourself — I got quite the hefty email from goodreads with all of your to-read books. 😉

    • Oh No! Emily, the horror! The good reads e-mails, NOOOOO! Ah! I went through my settings and tried to delete notifications. I just wanted to get my list up. Oh man. Ryan and I are completely stumped on the good reads e-mails. haha, oh boy. As Mr Finn always says, ‘Sorry about that guys!’ That was such a nice comment, I don’t know exactly why but it hit me hard yesterday – but it’s true I just feel okay and that feels good.

  4. I just read this…after talking to you both tonight. I got off the phone with you tonight & just felt so happy. You both make my heart smile. You are full of joy & ambition…and are creating an amazing life for your family. I am so proud of where you are…and I’m so excited for where you’re going. The picture of Heather & Jude made me so happy. He is so loved…you all are! Love you! Love you!

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