Round Three Here We Go!

IMG_119714   June 2013,

First off, I don’ t know what it was about my last post but you guys were so generous with your comments! It seriously made my day. Thanks for all the encouraging words guys. I’m sure I come off as a bit of a stress case not to mention my stuff with Jude puts me in a whole new arena of crazy, but it means a lot! We went to the pool today had a ton of fun, much needed quality family time. We all swam including Royal James! We are speedo sporting family now! You guys are going to like these ones, haha! So much fun!

I have a ton on my mind tonight. Please feel free to just look through the pictures. Sharing some of my insights about Jude’s learning delays.

IMG_1296This marks round three of dietary adjusting for Jude. We are experiencing another major shift. Right now our diet has been pretty easy to describe, now it’s….well, not. I know many of you must think we are absolutely crazy. But I promise you, this stuff is real.  Jude has been gluten and dairy free. However, now we are actually on a CSD/dairy free diet – (Carbohydrate Specific Diet) Every week I am chipping away at this gigantic block of knowledge that I need to gleam off,  today I got another huge chunk.

IMG_1183I’m standing really weird in this picture! Oh man, feeling okay in your clothes is one thing, but sporting the swimsuit, that’s a whole other animal! For someone who lives in California I am pasty white right now!

I’m shocked when I meet pediatricians who are so critical about dietary changes as a treatment for developmental disorders. They often describe it as ‘new age’. Oh please ,”I want to say but know better – have you read ‘x’ study, have you looked at these journals?”  I usually just say well we’ve experienced a lot of improvement. I am barely denting the surface on the information out there – and I’m seeing more and more that this information has been around for quite sometime now. I am devouring a book right now called, Breaking the Vicious Cycle. Intestinal Health through Diet. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. This may be my last blog post for a while. I have my work cut out for me big time. I am way excited, up for the challenge and thrilled with some great new resources.  It blows my mind how real this experience with Jude has been. How there are sooo many parents in this exact situation?

“… many autistic children, bacterial and fungal overgrowths are etiologically significant in the cascade of events that result in autism or one of the other autism spectrum disorders.”-Breaking the Vicious Cycle

We have decided as most of you know not to pursue any ‘autism’ diagnosis because A) the therapy he’s already had has improved any yellow/red flags that looked like autism. B) We believe in Jude’s potential to catch up and by symptom free C) We think that his foggy brain/delays are largely due to the connection going on in his gut. *There is no doubt that Jude DOES NOT have what people refer to as ‘classic autism.’ For those of you who don’t the difference between autism spectrum disorder and autism. It can look radically different. Children diagnosed with classic autism are more at a rate of 1 in 1000. ASD is as high as 1 in 50 sometimes.

If you think I am skewing things, let me just share this:

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) just put out a new number that now 1 in 6 kids are diagnosed with a developmental disorder. In the last 12 years those diagnosed with autism has increased nearly 300% (289.5).

This is is mind blowing, even more me. I’m thankful that Kaiser in the few times we took Jude to their neurologists didn’t just throw a diagnosis on him haphazardly.

I can’t tell you how many parents I have met that have come out the other side after years of working and their children and are delay free, thriving! One new friend said, “it’s quite literally fix the gut, and you fix the brain.” There is no doubt therapy has a huge role in our journey with Jude, but I believe firmly in the gut-brain axix.  I have been trying to keep a lid on this growing obsession with this subject but it’s seeping through a little. Alright, off my soap box for now.

IMG_1180IMG_1175IMG_1277Jude fell off shortly after this. Went under and popped right back upIMG_1187IMG_1257Just what I need after discussing a heavy topic! Mills in the Speeds! So I might have told him this would just be for posterity and that I would NOT put it up on the blog, but I can’t resist, and I think he rocks the speedo well! We got the boys all matching speedo’s at the tent sale at REI last weekend. $2.50 each! Ryan has actually loved the speedo, it has made swimming laps so enjoyable.IMG_1232IMG_1210IMG_1216This one is my favorite!! Haha, Jude! This was so him, running around giddy. I can’t believe how social he is! My goodness! Anyone comes to the pool and Jude is the first to go become best friends, and steal their pool toys. IMG_1178

 Today I  had a good reality check, yes we’ve been working hard over the last 5 months, but I still have a long time to go. I still haven’t fixed the problem of Jude’s intestines. I have NO doubt in the mind that his intestines have a MAJOR yeast overgrowth. He is addicted to any carbs/sugar. I used to think he just wanted it because he was being deprived of gluten. His body craves it. If we are home, he’s in the fridge. I joke that it’s too bad Finn isn’t the one on the diet because he’s so easy to feed and he’s on the same diet. Jude’s body just wants sugar and yeast soooo bad. I’ll report back.

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  1. Heather you really should talk to Christine’s good friend Andrea Hatch. She has a daughter that was diagnosed with autism and has had a huge turnaround doing the GAP diet. (Gosh I’m a dummy, I THINK that’s what it’s called…) but Andrea is an RN and is helping people work through all kinds of things from health issues to addiction through diet. She would be a great resource for you! You are a good, good woman to do this for your kiddos…they are so lucky to have you!!

    • Abby, thanks so much for your comment. I have been reading about the GAP diet for the last 20 minutes, this is exactly what we are going for – I can’t believe I didn’t move to this type of diet sooner. I loved their section about breaking down stools – it was so enlightening. Poor Jude still is not digesting grain. I am excited we are moving in this direction. If you find out if Andrea has a blog, or e-mail. I’d love to reach out. Get some of her favorite recipes since I am expecting we’ll be doing this diet for easily the next two years 😉 This is the hard part just figuring out what to eat, once we figure that out we’ll be good.

  2. Great post. High energy input! Jude will forever thank you for all the effort you are putting into the situation. You and Ryan have really stepped up and done so much, already. The pool pictures all look like fun. I am tempted to comment on Ryan’s Speedo, but I’ll let you grouse about that for awhile. ttfn.

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