Summer Celebrations

IMG_132221  June 2013 Summer is always paired with some fun celebrations, last week we had one of the boys’ favorite toddler friends (Claire) birthday party! It was so fun to visit with friends, the boys had a blast swimming with a bunch of little kids and tons of pool toys. Tomorrow we have this beautiful girl’s (above) 2nd birthday. It’s been awhile since I posted. I thought I’d give you some of the pictures I have on my camera from the week. Jude’s detox is kicking my butt to say the least. IMG_1326

Elisabeth, you are amazing! My sweet friend Elisabeth JUMPED in the hot tub to save this 18 mos that was drowning. The little girl litearlly just ran right into the pool, and sank right to the bottom. Turns out saving lives is a little more awkward than you’d expect. The hot tub was packed with kids and it was pretty deep (considering)  days later and it’s still nuts to think back on.

IMG_1318High: I’ve been working hard for months to get Jude another hour of speech every week. Our therapist is amazing, and he was only getting one hour with her. He started going for two hours today. Kaiser just had a lot of red tape.

Low: Jude got tons of blood work done a few days ago and caught a cold – as expected – his immune system is already low. I woke up early and took Royal James and Jude at 8 to his appointment, which didn’t go so well. When I got home I’ll admit I had to go on a short walk where I pretty much let the water works go for a few minutes. The pain associated with my journey with Jude is truly indescribable. It’s by far the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through.

(After a long bout of crying tonight by Jude – Finn and I just held each other. I told him, I”m sorry sweet heart, we’re trying to get Jude’s brain working better. Finn said, ‘Will not eating pizza fix Jude’s brain? Show me how to fix it?”

The good news is – all we can go from here is up. If anyone ever gets candida, you can come to me. I sympathize.

IMG_1303Fun pool party Biglers!We really have made some life long friends here.

IMG_1299James and I with our babies 🙂


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