Our Birthday Weekend

IMG_15481  July 2013    Happy Monday, we have had an incredibly productive day. Royal and I went and got our passports processed, Ryan got his degrees framed for his office in Dubai, and we got some packing supplies. Ryan’s birthday party was so fun, thanks for all you wonderful friends for coming out and letting us enjoy your company. We were having so much fun, I barely even took any pictures! My love for chocolate has rubbed off on Ryan, he has learned to love and appreciate a good chocolate cake. Especially a nice chocolate mousse cake! I picked up some desserts from French’s Bakery here in Irvine and they turned out great.

IMG_1560Thanks Kaitlin for bringing your tasty sweet potato quinoa salad. That so was good. I made Ryan our family favorite black bean salad, along with a few other of our culinary favorites.

IMG_1551Finn fell asleep holding the balloons from Ryan’s birthday. They had a blast playing with these. IMG_1570IMG_1577IMG_1617So funny, seriously out cold!

IMG_1567Finn has been telling everyone that it’s his ‘daddy’s birthday!’ Finn has been such a delight lately. Love his constant observations. A few random pictures of Royal James. He was sleeping so soundly the other morning. Officially excited for more space!

IMG_1388IMG_1413IMG_1443Half an hour later…. hello morning light! Rise and Shout Royal James.


4 responses

  1. I’m so, SO sad we missed out on the beautiful birthday celebration!! I hadn’t planned on going up to the bay area for the weekend, but it was KILLING me to be so close and yet so far. Ty was NOT feeling great, so he went straight to bed when he got home. Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan!! I’m so sad we missed out on the party. It looks delicious and we LOVE being in your company. Let’s play before you leave, PLEASE??

  2. Jude gets best shot on this post…followed closely by that chocolate dessert! So many blessings! Gramps

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