The Brockbank’s Fourth of July Visit

IMG_1637My parents came and vacationed down in Laguna Beach for the Fourth, we didn’t know they were coming into town until a few days before. I actually love being surprised with visits. It was a great excuse to take a break from packing, heaven knows that packing/organizing doesn’t really magnify my skill set, let’s be honest I’m down right struggs. Ryan on the other hand throws on some music -pulls out his shrink wrap and just starts hauling out furniture. It’s impressive. Here are a few pictures from our fourth of July weekend.

IMG_1673One of Tanner’s closest friend Taysom Hill came on the trip with my family, really nice boy. Between my mom and I we were outnumbered by eight boys including our three. A large chunk of these pictures are via iphone. I was quite exhausted from the packing. I have been fighting some intense fatigue but I found a great solution and I have been feeling much better. Here is Gigi, Mr and Jasper.

-6-1Oh yeah Balboa Bars. Dad’s Balboa Bar stand is great, we can get Jude the perfect treat -a frozen banana. He was in heaven- especially since we’ve been going easy on the bananas, they are a little sweet for our Norwegian there. He goes a bit crazy.

-2IMG_1645IMG_1675Tanner and Jude have really bonded! Thanks for the iphone shot TD!

-9IMG_1656Jude loved seeing his Gigi and Toppy! He was so excited, Gigi brought him some cars. He was a happy boy. Jude did really well with them, considering vacationing is out of our routine: no melt downs. This was the first trip that Jude has been able to say ‘Gigi’. Finn especially was excited to hear Jude talking. Driving in the car Finn was so excited, “Say Gigi AGAIN Jude!” Oh Mr you my dear are a wonderful cheerleader.

IMG_1686Finn got REALLY close to the camera. It always make the boys feel special when I take their picture.

IMG_1642Thanks for coming into town guys. It was fun to hang out with you, see you soon!

4 responses

  1. Thanks Miller for letting us disrupt your packing! Dad got on a plane this morning he really needed his beach walk on the beach. He has so much pressure right now, so thanks for letting us crash your weekend. So, Heather, Big Birthday coming! I love to Party…we will talk soon my Beautiful Girl!

  2. So fun!!! It must have been so nice to spend time together. Everyone looks great! Enjoy your final weeks in California!! I am so excited for your next adventures!!

    What’s your secret to fighting fatigue? I have to know!!!

    Love you all & can’t wait to see you!!!

  3. Lelers! Hey! So I just started doing B-12 injections. I took my first one a few days ago. Shot myself right in the petutes! My mom and Grandma swear by them. I’ve been anemic for years which they tell me really causes fatigue in and of itself. I finally hit a point where I just said, ‘enough is enough- I am tired of going to bed so tired and waking up tired!’ It took two days to kick in but I actually feel like a normal person again. Not so bone tired all the time! I’m going to keep doing it for a few weeks until my B-12 levels are better.

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