Bye Bye Stuff!

IMG_17969   July 2013

Entering into our season of sparse living. Well, we did it. I remember the first day we realized that it would take approximately six weeks for our stuff to realistically get to Dubai- we counted out the weeks and realized that we would have to ship our belongings in the middle of July. Well here we are, July 9th and our stuff is at the port, tomorrow our container will be on its way to Dubai. 

IMG_1784I’m saying it, I officially am excited for more space. Did you see Royal James sleeping on the floor? Poor thing, not a quiet place in the apartment. I can’t wait to be able to lay him down and know that he has his own space where he will not be interrupted! I’m always coming across people at the park saying… ‘Our three bedroom is feeling too crammed – and they will have two kids. I rarely admit just how small our place is!’ Observe: Jude with his apple and very rotund tum tum! Jude is struggling with some intense food cravings. He will eat an apple all the way down to the core. We are getting a handle on it.

Our place has been insane for the last week! We had our washer over flow twice! The auto stop kept malfunctioning. Our living room pretty much was flooded. Finn thought the fan was pretty sweet. He’d go and sit in front of it with his Superman.

IMG_1775IMG_1786We were over on space by quite a bit. Our move was quite a bit more expensive than we were calibrating. That’s okay. Guys, these movers. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Have you seen professional movers in action? I have never seen guys move so fast. They went through AT LEAST 50 rolls of tape. We had already saran wrapped everything too. They wrap everything up in card board and they can rip the tape of with their bare hands. They karate chop it. I finally asked after noticing that one of the men had a wedding band, ‘Now please tell me your wife has seen you in your element.’ It really was a show. The boys and I finally went down there and just sat and watched.

IMG_1768Jude kept running and escaping down the stairs. I’m embarrassed to admit, the movers had to bring him upstairs once! I was on Royal James duty, Ryan was on that one. This was the last night in the their beds for the next six weeks! Too funny. The boys all sleep in the same room now.

IMG_1756IMG_1742Just a quick look that has been the insanity of our house. Sufficeth to say, I’m looking forward to my run tomorrow morning.

While I’m on the bedding pictures, I have to move ahead to tonight. So their beds are gone, we’ve borrowed some air mattresses – and we are all ready to tuck them in. Jude is all cozy on his side, and Finn is sharing the other half of a large inflatable bed. All the sudden he realizes that he’s supposed to share the bed and he loses it. Big time. Finn, is not one to throw fits. Then it dawns on me, Finn has actually never shared a bed with Jude. His face, guys- Ryan and I could BARELY keep a straight face. His expression said, ‘This is preposterous! Me, SHARE! A BED! With JUDE! With him?! Outrage.

IMG_1823I apologize for the awful photo, but I just had to get the scene and it was pitch black out there. Finn is sleeping in a cot – my Grandparents dropped one by. We weren’t planning on using it, but when Finn down right refused to sleep in the same bed he said, “I want the green cot!’ Literally he said he wanted to sleep on the quote: ‘cot’. Finn. He picks up on everything these days.

IMG_1806Refueling at Cafe Rio! A well deserved break. Cougar Jude, went crazy at the site of all the tastiness.

IMG_1809IMG_1730Enjoying our empty apartment! I think we’ll be having lots of floor time!

IMG_1805IMG_1728My birthday festivities have begun! My cute Grandparents dropped me off a cake. She thought my birthday was yesterday, but it’s in a few days. I love to have more than one day of celebration though, as you know. It was an incredibly tasty lemon butter cream cake from Susie’s in Newport. Finn really liked it too. I couldn’t get his face away from it!

IMG_1717It’s a great bakery.

IMG_1726IMG_1700Now Ryan is back to looking at these all day… thousands of flash cards and his dozens and dozens of study maps. However these work.


10 responses

  1. Oh my gosh!! I remember when Austin moved you into that apartment. I am so glad you took these pictures. I wish I had pictures of my many moves. But, so SAD to see it in that Truck…..No! Happy for you and your new Adventure sad for me. Wish I was there to have a bite of the Birthday Cake!

    • Gigi! 12:30!? You weren’t kidding, you are on the late program there. We have been thinking about Austin so much today. Seeing these professional movers move our bed out.I don’t know how Austin and Ryan did it. So many fun memories. We’ve been cracking up! It was a tasty cake! Love you!!

  2. Let the African adventure begin! (Actually, I am not sure what continent UAE belongs to–maybe it’s Europe.) Wow, this will be quite the move–certainly living up to your family motto, starting today (or, maybe several years ago). And yes, you deserve a little more room–and have earned it! I remember when you were sheepish about having two children in the apartment–wondering whether the landlords would kick you out. Keep running–gotta keep sane! Gramps

  3. Oh wow! I’m so happy you’re all packed up!! Next stop…Dubai! It must have been crazy packing everything & sending it on it’s way. You’ll be so excited to set up your new place…and have more space! You guys really made it work at your little home!! Such a nice place. I’m excited to see pictures of your next home.

  4. oh wow! everything is gone! next stop…dubai!! can’t wait to see pictures of your next home!! it will be so nice for you to have more space. I’m sure you’re happy to be done packing. hope you’re having a great week. love you!

  5. Wow its really happening! Well can’t wait to see you guys out here, if there is anything I can do to help at this side to make the move easier then please let me know… 🙂

    • Ammad, excited to meet you in person. I was actually just talking to Ryan about what he thought I should wear to your wedding! You know girls. Last chance to buy anything in the US. I sure hope Ryan gets to see you often. Thanks for your nice comment! I’m sure he’ll be reaching out to you.

      • Haha it’s ok buy it from here, take my missus shopping she will help you pick out a nice Pakistani dress 😉

        No worries like I said if you need any help just drop me a quick line… good luck with the move…

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