Guess What Guys, It’s My Birthday!

IMG_183914   July 2013 

Drumroll please…. Presenting to the Miller family household our new slalom ski, The HO Triumph. The thought process on this purchase: Hb loves to ski, we’re going to Minnesota in a few weeks, we currently do not have a slalom ski there that works. The one we used last summer Mark had his way with that on our last day there last summer. 😉 Epic time. So yeah we got a ski, Ryan and I along with anyone else is more than welcome to use it. (Mark, we thought about you in particular when we got this ski! Our ski days are going to be EPIC my friend!) Note, HB did NOT get to ski last year. I was Maje. Pregs. So I am particularly excited, I mean woah!

Quick funny story, I am kicking up my runs a bit and I was thinking this morning how different my mentality felt. Over the last few months running for me has been purely for endorphins. I just need to get out there and push ‘the reset button’ as we call it. It’s great, I come back and I am new woman. Today I was out there actually trying to run hard to feel strong, not just for the emotional benefit. I have seriously forgotten over the last couple months that people actually run to feel secure about how they look. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth! I was talking to a neighbor who runs nearly everyday, she  has four kids. I asked her, “Man so life with the kids it’s so stressful that you seriously have to run everyday!” I thought things were SO crazy that she had to push the resest button after one day! I usually have to push it every other day or even every two days! She said, ‘Oh no! I just do it so I feel okay about how I look physically!” I think my facial expression probably look surprised. What planet am I on these days.


IMG_1858Sleeping on air mattresses could be worse, truth me told I miss my bed. We are at a bit at odds – Cheri loves the mattress blown up as much as it can so it feels well, hard as rock. I like my mattress softer.  In this picture (above) I am in my new PJ’s. I have been elated about my new pajamas. I know it sounds so funny but I seriously felt pure elation when I opened up my birthday present from my sweet thoughtful mom. I have wanted these for the longest time, I literally gasped when I opened the box. She remembered! Just one pair of light weight short sleeved pajamas. Oh I have been in heaven sleeping in these. My mom has had pair that she’s loved for years. I have always wanted some too. Hooray, thank you Gigi!! IMG_1848

It’s a bit of a hoot here, the boys have been making laugh a lot. So I love my birthday,  I have come to a point where I am very open about what I want to do and more or less what I’m expecting. I want it to be a win-win for everyone. So tonight we left Jocelyn with the boys and went out. Finn told her the minute she walked in the door that he was ‘going to marry her soon!’ Jocelyn to her credit was able to keep a completely straight face. I on the other hand had a huge smile and had to briefly turn around compose myself and tell Finn how great that was, but don’t you think you want to ask her to marry you with pants on. He was in a shirt and underwear. 

IMG_1681Jude… you can’t say your parents didn’t try. Spinach drink packed with supplements, salmon and roasted carrots. The energy it takes to feed him is a lot. Next step go see the rheumatologist, apparently his joints are giving him pain. Then it’s off to see your gastro guy.  The things they can tell in blood tests. Jude is on an anti fungal and it is going great, great, great! 


This pic was taken as we were packing up all of our stuff. We bought a few new pieces for our new apartment in Dubai. Isn’t that wing back chair for the kids room sweet?!

Just because I am so excited! I have to leave you with one more picture of the bindings for our new ski! It will be pretty hard to break these ones Mark. You just have to give the double boot a try, you’ll get used to it, I promise it’s the way to go! It will take a little adjusting. 


8 responses

  1. Happy happy happy happy birthday, auntie HB!!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love your birthday gifts! That ski is sweet!!! And those pjs are adorable!! Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!! Have a great birthday 🙂 You are loved so much!

  2. Nobody is falling out of those bindings! Nice ski! Camping out in Tustin–what an adventure! Happy b-day! Gramps.

  3. Hey happy birthday Heath…I thought it was the 16th for some reason? I know it was a blast – you guys know how to celebrate! Looking so forward to seeing you guys in August. Harper can’t wait to romp around with the boys! My bday wish for you is fast friends in Dubai – a bestie who can be your support being so far away from family ( and show you all the ins and outs and best places to eat, do course ). Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Heather!! So glad you got a ski…we are probably due for an upgrade around here but the way I see it, you buy a good one once and enjoy it forever! You’ll get so much mileage out of that over the years and you are a beautiful skiier! You should have one. So I also exercise mostly for therapy, but I would sure love it if I lost some baby fat along the way too!!!

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