The Crisp Colors of Crystal Cove

IMG_193315  July 2013 

I’m not sure if it was because of the rain, or the fact that it has been a few weeks since we’ve done our Sunday evening beach walk but the colors were so crisp. Ryan and I both were in awe of the texture of the sand, crashing waves, and sharpness in everything we took in. Tonight my heart feels especially full. I love my camera. I think that goes without saying, I’m sure my incessant posting of pictures has made that point quite clear. (If someone ever stole it, I’d be devastated) Looking at my kids through the camera, and then later looking at those pictures enables me to avoid the trap that is ‘tunnel vision!’ You guys knows what I’m talking about – instead of getting hung up on the fact that Jude was having a hard time- and the soundtrack of his constant whining and crying was a times near deafening, I more easily recognize the beautiful evening, and  sense Finn’s weightless joy while throwing rocks and exploring. Getting a chance to just take a step back, helps me love my children even when they are pills. It is everything.

 IMG_1962I’ve been a real chatter box lately on the blog. No commentary from me today. Yesterday was my birthday I got NEARLY everything I could have asked for. It was perfect. You know what I’m waiting for mon petit chou!




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  1. The other day I was going through last years pictures (I do not take very good ones or keep track of events on the blog like you do, rock star bloggin mama!) but I had that same experience, looking at all the amazing things we’ve done and remembering sweet moments, just when I was starting to feel like we don’t ever do anything and I realized how rich and full life really is. Thanks for the reminder.

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