San Elijo

IMG_2169Sure love you Cheri. Thank you for battling life with me and these three babies everyday. They sure give us a run for our money sometimes. I love you.

We had a great day at San Elijo Beach down in Sandiego County. Thanks Frames for letting us join you again on your annual camping trip. We always love spending the day with you. Fun day!

IMG_2147Enjoying our sugar free slurpees from 711. Finn was very excited. I got a huge size thinking I was going to share with Ryan, but he wasn’t interested. He did think the sight of Finn and I was pretty funny though.

IMG_2153Thanks for making sand castles with Finn Tucker! Ryan and I are hanging in there on air mattreses but we are both a little punk when it comes to having high energy with the boys. The weather was great, not too hot with some occasional cloud cover. Finn’s cheeks were a little pink this morning he said, “Too much sand castles, too much sun!”

IMG_2161IMG_2157Finn ran around the beach writing ‘F’s all over the place. When we first got there he would run ahead swinging his hands back and forth as he ran, total David Hasselhof styes.

IMG_2174I know Elaine Frame is a culinary inspiration – but we’re camping, how good could her food be?! She made some of my favorite foods on the planet! Heirloom tomato salad, orzo/feta salad, and a lovely green salad with avocado and fresh parm. We made a new friend who cooked a lovely tri-tip that Jude especially wolfed down.


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  1. Wow your boys are ROCKIN’ the euro suits…love it! Haha! And I would give just about anything for some of that tomato salad right now…!!

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