End of An Era

IMG_315020  July 2013 

Today marked the end of an era, Ryan sold the Volvo this morning. Ryan has been driving Bill, formerly ‘Buck’ for the last 8 years. Before starting to write this post I asked Ryan if  he wanted to write it. It’s been his car, and to be honest coming to grips that we have just closed a chapter stings just a bit. It’s bitter sweet.  Bill really has been our car. I ‘ve barely even started and I’m getting choked up again. It felt great to sell it. Ryan came up the stairs to our apartment and told me to ‘come say goodbye to Bill he’s driving away!’ There it was, driving down the road. I was shocked! I didn’t think they would actually buy it!’ The transmission is pretty much gone. It drives in forward but in reverse it makes a bad sound. We were thinking of donating it because it has 217,000 miles, and the fan is out. But we thought we’d post it and give it a week. It felt right selling it, and it went to some good people too, who are really excited about it and have had Volvos in the past. 

My top five favorite moments in Bill.

Of course there is the falling in love chaper:

  1. My first date with Ryan. This is where the magic happened. Well to be honest it was pretty much love at first sight and first sight did not happen in Bill. But the bulk of our dialogue occurred on long drives up Provo Canyon, road trips to: Moab, Aspen, San Francisco, Malibu, the Tetons, etc. A walk down memory lane isn’t a walk without remembering Bill.
  2. Waking up in Bill to see a Cougar outside our window.
  3. Bringing Finn home from the hospital and sitting in the back with him; we brought all of our babies home from the hospital in Bill. But Finn is especially poignant in my mind because we didn’t know what we were doing! First timing it! I will always remember that!
  4. I crashed Bill into a huge snowbank after losing control on our way up to go skiing. Lots of spinning, lots of ice, and lots of grief ever since 🙂
  5. Driving up to Salt Lake for an evening class – I can remember a distinct moment when I thought I wanted to marry him (Ryan, not Bill).




2 responses

  1. I am so dang happy that you decided to marry Ryan and not Bill! Sweet post. Rich memories. And what a memorable picture! pjm

  2. If there is one thing I’ll remember about Bill, it is how clean and shiney he always was… Ryan takes such good care of his belongings! A great lesson for all of us. Take care of it and it will LAST!

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