Superman Makes A New Friend

IMG_210720  July 2013

Superman has been Mr Finn’s constant companion over the last few weeks. He loves Superman. We met up with my Grandparents to walk around Balboa with them and Superman’s arm fell off. Grandma was so cute trying to fix Superman’s arm. I even think Superman gained a new fan, she isn’t one for Marvel Comics either. But Finn’s affinity wore off. 

IMG_2116I am a bit behind on the blog, I have quite a bit of unseen material. If you know me, I don’t get behind. One of my cardinal rules with the blog, but…  I’ve fallen into pride a bit – I am not worried about it. I’ve been spending my evenings with Jules Verne this week. Ryan just finished ‘West With The Night’ and I’m reading ‘Around the World In Eighty Days’. I’m almost done and then we are switching. So if I have seem not as into the blog, you caught me. Guilty!



IMG_2089IMG_2096Hello sweetheart Jude. We had some good news about Jude this week. Our behavior therapist that comes to our house told us that she thinks Jude doesn’t need ABA therapy anymore. He’s still going to have it, but he doesn’t the regional coordinator who comes once a week said he wouldn’t qualify for it past September due to his progress. Yes, he still has a speech delay but he’s all caught up in regards to understanding – well even beyond his age level. Go Jude!

IMG_2103 IMG_2094

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  1. What a blessing your grandparents have been, Heather, while you’ve been in Southern California! Looking at this post I am remembering all the photos you’ve shared of them… With each new baby, on birthdays, on walks and visits. They’ve been a wonderful support system and constant support. They have blessed your stay and enriched your lives so much. The love they give to those boys is priceless! Thanks to the grandparents for so much help along the journey!!! Mom

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