Swim, Swim, Swim!


22 July 2013 

Well things are really coming together quickly now. Our belongings definitely are out at sea and we’ve been looking at flights, apartments, and I have even looked at local beaches that the boys and I would like. I am getting excited!  We’re really liquidating the stuff, posting the stroller online today. Anybody need a double jogging stroller?  We’ve been orchestrating details about how the boys and I should come over, (since Ryan is flying over first) we’ve figured out a plan! I am excited about it, and am feeling quite relieved! Won’t the next two months be fun to watch unfold –


Jude loves trying on goggles, hats, random people’s shoes at the pool… you name it! It’s just not the same when Jude’s not around. He adds a lot to our little family.

Royal James loves his pool floaty. The boys and I have been going to the pool A LOT. Here are a few pictures from the pool!  It’s great exercise for everyone and the temperature, well it’s Southern California. It’s rarely not lovely. We invested in a  few pool accessories from Target. A floatation device for Royal, and another sun hat that’s a little bit better for swimming.  Now we can all be swimming at the same time. Somehow we accidentally shipped our pool floaties, so we had to buy new ones. I was not going to risk going to the pool or MN without them! The boys live in those things in the summer. Royal has so much personality. Wow, more than I ever could have asked for! He’s definitely in his baby bear stage. He’s a hoot at the pool,  always kicking his legs like crazy. I took quite a few pictures of him in there but – struggs Hb – my lense was dirty. Classic – it’s unbelievably cute in person. 


After the boys get tuckered out swimming they usually love to stroll around the shaded dirt, they call it the jungle. 

IMG_2058IMG_2068No interrupting Jude on his exploration!

IMG_2045IMG_2037IMG_2052Apartment living, we’ve had a lot of fun at this pool. Lately we’ve been taking advantage of the barbeque. Eating some of our dinners out there. I am excited to do the kitchen table thing. Oh, and I’m looking forward to all of us actually eating the same thing every night. IMG_2123IMG_2119

2 responses

  1. Features like pools really are a great thing about apartment living. It is nice to have so many things taken care of or provided for you.

    I’m sure the boys love the pool! They look so happy swimming!

  2. Can’t believe you are moving so soon! What an adventure you guys have ahead of you! Can’t wait to see you this weekend. I just want to squeeze that little Royal:) Love you! Oh and how much for your double stroller?? I’ve been trying to decide if I should do a double or not….

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