Brockbank Family Reunion


28   July 2013

This weekend Ryan and I went to Utah for the Brockbank Family reunion. We haven’t had a reunion like this for six years and I am so glad we didn’t miss it. Ryan and I weren’t planning until the day before to have all of us go out for it – but when I heard that pretty much everyone was going to make the effort to come, we just decided to make it happen. What a fine group of individuals. We had so much fun catching up with all of you! 

IMG_2176Growing up I had a really close relationship with  my cousins – since I was a little girl we would always do a week in Lake Powell and all of the cousins would come. As we got older it became every other year, but a walk down memory lane is incomplete without thinking about all the fun and crazy moments with our Brockbank cousins in Lake Powell. 

IMG_2293Unlce Gordo with Jane! So great to meet all of my cousins’ kids for the first time. We sure missed you Christine, I was so hoping to meet Sage!

Matthew is incredibly fast and athletic. The whole day he kept getting challenged by all the older cousins to race: swimming, sprinting, a left handed foot ball throwing contest. There is a lot of testosterone!

IMG_2197Jesse Wood is an arborist, and such a sweetheart. Gordo, Jess is amazing!! We all just love her. 

IMG_2169IMG_2192Teddy, you are so incredibly graceful! I can’t believe you are due in just a few short weeks. I can’t wait to meet Sam!

IMG_2186 IMG_2183 IMG_2180

I don’t mean to be obnoxious but I have the most inspiring cousins. Abby has four kids, and cycles 200 miles a week, her husband is a dentist and is seriously the most positive person I know. Keri: has a set of twins, a baby and is the most incredible runner/athlete that I know she’s always competing in some marathon or Iron man event, and when I say ‘competing’ I’m serious. She’s actually won a marathon before, amazing. I could go on and on about my extended family, it was such a treat to see them. They are so genuine, positive, and down to earth. I’m so glad Ryan got to know them better. 



Thanks for the iphone shot Tanner! Left handed throwing contest at the park. They also had a 50 yard sprint. Wow, my husband was way faster than I expected. Matthew took it! 

photo-5 IMG_2311 The hot tub was fun, one minute all the kids were in it, then all the men. 
IMG_2305IMG_2321Sorry Aunty K! Hb paparazzi around! Fun day catching up. 


7 responses

  1. What a beautiful family! Looks like it was a memorable day. Two questions puzzle me, are you sure you couldn’t fit any more people in the hot tub? And, why was Gigi pinching Royal? Glad you could make the trip! pjm

  2. That was SO fun! Great pics HB. Love you guys so much, can’t believe that all actually worked out. What a treat! So excited for all your adventures and I just feel so blessed to have been able to get that time with you before you take off to never land! Love you girly.

  3. I absolutely love that second to last shot of Royal screaming and Poppy and Gigi just smiling through it all! Aunt Karen’s expression is great! Such a great event, and a great looking family! HB, your mom really knows how to host a party! Looks like everyone had a blast. Especially love the BIG family portrait! Lots of terrific memories made. So glad you all went! Love, Mom

  4. Happy family!!!!! Love all the pictures. So glad youre having a nice time with your family!!!

    Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow. Happy traveling…see you soon! Can’t wait to hug those little boys!

    • Me too Lelers! Are we going to see you for lunch? When are you and the girls coming up, are you sleeping over? Finn and Jude have been looking at the pictures of the girls on FB and Finn always just wants to stare at the pictures for a long time! I’m excited to see what Finn does when he sees Adelie and Kennedi this time. I can’t wait to see Kennedi. I think she’s really changed over the last six months- she looks old in all of your pictures! I don’ know what it is about Finn and Adelie but they seem to stay the same in my mind – they always have been old souls!

  5. Oh Heather….. I want to steal all the photos from your blog. That was such an amazing weekend. I love all those people so much….. and the ones who were not there too. Thanks for the great documentation, and making sure I stay humble.

  6. SO GREAT! Wow I’m glad we made that happen…especially you who had to travel so far! It just wouldn’t have been the same without any one of the great folks who made it. So glad you got the shots. Fun fun fun.

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