Beaver Walk – Utah Concluded

Flying out to Utah this time the boys wanted to sit together in their own row. They did magnificently! They just sat and talked and played with the few toys we brought them – on the way over we didn’t even have to pull out the technology. (On the way back we did!) I got a small taste of how much easier it will be in a few years! Ah! I still had Royal James to battle with but that baby bear is our little social animal. He’s a momma’s boy. He’s starting to get to that age where he wants to be on the floor crawling a lot! The flight to Dubai will be hard on Royal. IMG_2271 IMG_2270Ryan and I love to walk as much as we can together- typically in the evenings. If Ryan was ever able to have a job that enabled him to get home in time for us to go on a family walk at night I would feel like life really couldn’t get much better. When I say things like this he says things like, ‘I think I picked the wrong profession. That’s not really the lifestyle of lawyers.’ Someday, and while we have it I will enjoy it. My parents are like that too, they do their beaver walk most nights in Utah. While we were there we got to tag along. I can tell it’s very authentic to them, it was their time to talk about whatever is on their mind. At one point I felt like I was evesdropping on their own feelings/frustrations. I have thought in the past that I get much of my passion from my dad, but after our walk I kept smiling to myself, my passion comes very much from my mother. Mason and Jasper. Oh Jasper… IMG_2597It’s late, and tomorrow we are off to Minnesota for two weeks! So excited for our trip. We have to leave here at 6:30. Hopefully we don’t forget anything too critical. We’ve been a little lazy since getting back from Utah. Excited to see you Millers tomorrow.

A few more pictures from the beaver walk.



IMG_2570IMG_2577IMG_2556 IMG_2560IMG_2521IMG_2547IMG_2528 IMG_2516This was the last time I saw my parents before we move to Dubai. Well, hopefully it’s the last time. I don’t think I can handle another goodbye. I didn’t even say goodbye to my dad, or Mason – he just left for work under the impression that we’d see him on our way out. Saying goodbye to my mom…  that was rough, Finn was choking back tears at the curb, and when I hugged my mom my fingers felt heavy and we squeezed each other so hard and didn’t let go. Something about feeling her physically, I just tried to remember that feeling. We weren’t even saying goodbye like it was ‘goodbye’. Ryan knows me well, I had to put my sunglasses on and walk through the aiport, hoping the gigantic stone that I felt in my throat would go away. He told me,’You’re a strong person Heath.’  I have always chosen paths that aren’t always the easy ones, and I try to do it with an attitude that says, ‘this won’t be hard’! But inevitably my moment comes… my moment where I can’t lie to myself anymore-  I love my family and will miss seeing them often. Didn’t help that I felt like I was crushing Mr Finn! I just feel so much, you know what I mean?


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  1. Thank you Ryan and Heather for making the effort to come to the reunion. The pictures are wonderful great memories. I am so glad you get to go the Miller Family before your Big move! Thank you Cindy for your willingness to go on Big Move to Dubai. They will surely need You. Have a wonderful 2 weeks……

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