Blue Lake Summmer 2013

IMG_29714th  August 2013

We are currently in Minnesota, enjoying our annual trip on Blue Lake. We always have such a fun time out here playing and catching up with our siblings and nieces. Tonight we were spoiled with another epic fire work show, two years ago Clayton and Bompa Petes set up some fire works on the ice and tonight we did it again but this time in summer style. I am missing a lot of the best shots from the show, so I’ll post a few more tomorrow. Here are a few highlights from today.

IMG_3026After the firework show we did Sprinklers! So fun! Thank you Grandma Cindy and Bompa Petes!

IMG_2977IMG_3014These don’t begin to give the night justice, but it’s a taste.

The other highlight of the night was that Mark officially took his skiing to a new level. Wow. We all love cheering each other on. The ski has been working out great!

IMG_2894IMG_2907This was Mark’s last night tonight, he has to head back for Medical School rotations. He left it all out on the water tonight. Ryan and I have another week left so we’ll have our epic ski run to come. It hasn’t quite happened yet, soon.


Mark and Libby announced that they are expecting -so excited for another niece or my first nephew! They find out in a month! Congratulations guys!

IMG_2743IMG_2740IMG_2947Thanks for making the effort to get the time off from school! It was great visiting with you Mark! Congrats again on your epic ski run!


2 responses

  1. That fireworks shot looks a bit wimpy. It’s amazing the size and quality of fireworks that you can buy over the counter (if you drive to WI), Of course, the good news is that the sheriff has still not showed up at the doorstep! It’s great to have everyone here. It is wonderful to catch up with the activities of your very busy lives. The grandchildren bring a degree of commotion that is high energy–but we’ll miss it in a week or two. So proud of all of you and your ambition and, more importantly, goodness. Now…time for another ski run! Thanks for posting all the great pictures, HB.

  2. Every night from Mister: “Time to go to the fireworks show! Yup, it’s time for the show!” So glad each of you are home! Love all the interaction and even the chaos! Everybody well fed, happy and sleep-deprived due to the late night visiting. Dad and I love having each of you home! Thanks for making this a priority in your lives!” We love you so! Mom

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